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IRC bot for manage rtorrent

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  • IRC bot for manage rtorrent

    Someone know irc bot what you can control your rtorrent.

    Ok i dont have rutorrent because i hate php. So it works with a plugin called autodl-issi it is the near was i found. But it this a irc bot ?

    I searching a irc bot what you can atmost:

    !rtorrent list.... and getting the list of torrents downloading/seeding with percent downloading
    !torrent stats ... getting the UP/DOWN statics
    !torrent add <url>.torrent -... and add a torrent to rtorrent instance.

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    Take pretty much any bot framework that supports plugins, and write a XMLRPC plugin, done.


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      +1 to pyroscope's suggestion. It has been awhile since I touched IRC but I remember writing my own code and scripts to customize or get anything done you needed to your way and with your own customization by coding it a bit yourself which shouldn't be to bad if you build off an existing script.


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        It's not a bot. It's a script that runs from the irssi client.

        You can use it without rutorrent. You will just need to edit the autodl.cfg with a text editor.