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Slow speed while using Public Tracker on PC compared to Private tracker (Complexive)

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  • Slow speed while using Public Tracker on PC compared to Private tracker (Complexive)

    Well as the title says the problem

    but it is a bit more complexive then that...

    actually i use to download file on my RDP

    and then copy it to my server and make torrent of it...but i use public trackers

    i dont know compare to direct download via IDM i get full speed but on torrent from my own same seerver i get less speed almost half...

    idk where is the it the tracker or wat???

    but if i use private tracker i get full speed...there is no restriction from my ISP.....wat can b the problem??

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    What you need to do is get on to that public tracker, and start posting comments "plz seed". That's sure to fix it. I don't see any other solution that's bound to work.


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      also, public trackers use dht

      your dht is ( or should be ) disabled because you use private trackers
      this can also decrease your speed on public trackers

      and check if client supports udp tracker, it's also popular in public trackers


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        My Lada is slow, but my Ferrari isn't. What could be the problem?

        These are two different situations and there is no reasonable reason to think that they should perform the same. Your description of the situation is a bit confusing and incomplete, so we can only guess at the reasons. One of the contributing causes will probably insufficient seeders.

        Fortune and love favour the brave .-. Ovid ....


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          [MENTION=202444]sntdownloads[/MENTION]. Thanks man. This made my day.

          People using public trackers aren't required to seed for ratio, H&R, etc. so obviously there will be 1) less people seeding and 2) seeders limiting their upload.
          In other words, your situation with public trackers won't improve. Use private trackers instead.


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            No am not downloadin it from public tracker...i mean i hav some files up in my server i need to download them to my pc....

            so i made torrent on server and downloaded on my pc...bujt the speed is awful :'(


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              So ... to recap and clarify what your problem is .....
              You have downloaded a file from a public tracker to your server and you want to download it to your pc . You are trying 2 different methods a) using IDM to directly bring it and/or b) create a torrent file on your server (RDP) and you leech that file from your server to your home pc using your home torrent client .... am I correct? and your question is why you get better sppeds with IDM and not with torrent client?