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  • Seedbox setup help

    Am in need of desperate help setting up a seedbox :(

    Have tried the auto script, however when i try to add a torrent, i get an error. Have tried debian with torrentflux, but i fluffed up somewhere. Can someone either assist, or do a step by step tutorial plz. A while back, i had all the command lines, so all i had to do was copy/paste and job done. But i had to reformat pc and lost it.

    Thanx in advance

    P.S Its an OVH server so needs to be from scratch

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    With the information provided, I am not sure I can be much help. The seedbox tutorial section has a lot of information and seems to be working for several people based upon the feedback.

    This may be a stupid suggestion, but have you tried accessing through a different browser? I know that certain browsers (Chrome) work a lot better to control my seedbox than Explorer.

    Additionally, you may want to make sure all your directories are set up properly in your torrent client.

    If you provide the error you are getting, someone here may be able to offer more help.



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      Originally posted by GreatGazoo
      This guide here is all you will need. I setup my current server using it and about 10 other installs using it.

      Cheers to Copper for the wonderful and very easy to follow guide
      Thanx, but i tried that tutorial, dunno wot i did wrong, but fluffed it up :(

      It's ok, i found a really easy script on FTN, that a user there had compiled. Will add it to the seedbox section in a min, just 3 lines and its done.


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        Originally posted by GreatGazoo
        oh yea the fliz script that's been out for awhile and appears to be a good script
        yeah, i managed to do it, so it gotta be EASY lol


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          Heres a very basic way to install a seedbox setup on Debian/Ubuntu. Use PuTTY or whatever SSH client you prefer to connect to your server and copy and paste this

          sudo apt-get update (updates the package list)
          sudo apt-get upgrade (updates all the installed packages)
          sudo apt-get install vsftpd (installs an FTP server)
          sudo vi /etc/vsftpd.conf (opens the config file for the ftp client in a text based editor, use a vi guide for commands, google is your friend)

          Edit the following

          anonymous_enable=YES needs to be changed to anonymous_enable=NO
          #local_enable=YES needs to be changed to local_enable=YES
          #write_enable=YES needs to be changed to write_enable=YES

          sudo service vsftpd restart (restart it with the new configuration)
          sudo apt-get install deluged (install deluge daemon)
          sudo apt-get install deluge-console (lets you manage the daemon)
          deluged (starts deluge so the config files exist)
          echo "username:password:10" >> ~/.config/deluge/auth (sets a username and password for deluge so you can manage it remotely)
          deluge-console (this opens the deluged console to make some changes)

          config -s allow_remote True (Allow remote access)
          exit (closes the console)

          pkill deluged (stop deluge)
          deluged (start it with the new configuration loaded)

          Now open Deluge on your Desktop at home. Take it out of classic mode. Connect to your seedbox via IP and username and password you set.
          Use the FTP client you prefer to download data from the seedbox as required.

          Its simple, it works and takes all of 5 minutes.