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Having an issue with rutorrent/seedbox and was wondering if someone could help.

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  • WhyNotZoidberg
    I don't have SSH access, but at least now I know what to put in my ticket when filing a support question. You guys are both awesome, thanks for the help!

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  • Peternack
    You need SSH for any solution to your problem. The problem is due the max_file_size variable in rtorrent.rc, if not set it should be less than 90Gb, so you're getting the error as the file you're trying to delete is larger. You have two options:

    1) Use a workaround: Either SSH or FTP to your seedbox and delete the file from there.

    2) Apply a permanent solution: Edit your rtorrent.rc file and add this at the end:
    max_file_size = 100G
    That would set the max file size to 100Gb and you should be able to delete files equal or smaller that that. If you find you will be downloading files larger, you can set a higher value.

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  • steve O
    Do you have SSH access? the only option I can think of is to remove the directory through SSH

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  • Having an issue with rutorrent/seedbox and was wondering if someone could help.

    Hi everyone, I hope maybe someone can give me some assistance with this.

    I have a seed box with the rtorrent webgui. I uploaded a torrent for a series which I thought I'd be able to grab a single show from. However, I didn't catch it and the blu rays were not mkvs, but posted as 90 GB .iso files (the one time I don't look at file type before downloading of course). I hadn't actually started the torrent yet, so I figured no big deal at all I'll just remove and delete it. Whenever I try to do this, I get the following error on my logger:

    [16.05.2013 12:03:48] XMLRPC Error: Found a file exceeding max file size. [removewithdata]

    Now I haven't downloaded or even started the torrent, and it won't remove under the simple 'remove torrent' option. I've checked the rutorrent help and FAQ section and I can't seem to find anything that applies for this situation. Can anyone offer me any advice to get this sucker off my gui?

    Thanks in advance!