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    So when I signed up I donated to TI at VIP Tier 2. This past weekend I donated again but I donated twice another Tier 2 and then a Tier 1. By my calculations that should equal a Tier 3 in donation amounts. But all the system did was demote me down to Tier 1. I sent in a staff message but got no response. Can I please get my account upgraded to proper level or get my account restored and money refunded?

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    If you wanted to move up a VIP Tier, it seems like you have done so the wrong way. If you take a look at the post here (in which you were mentioned in), you would have seen the proper instructions in how to move up a tier. At this point, it seems like you will have to PM Dave and explain your situation to get this resolved and he's the one who handles the money/donations.


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      PM Dave and let him know of the issue
      (his signature said pm at your own risk but as long as you pm him about money you should be good )

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