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Tracker recommendations for the content i'm looking for

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  • Tracker recommendations for the content i'm looking for

    I checked reviews of some learning trackers but of course they don't talk about littler details there separately. I made a list of what i'm interested in and i'm requesting from you to name some trackers accordingly:

    - Basketball breakdown
    - Basketball scouting
    - Historical and/or regional comparisons of basketball play types
    - Especially helpful stuff for improving skills of analysing games, players and concerns mentioned above

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    Best thing to do is go here and read reviews of the sports trackers and either signup or get an invite to the ones you like.There are alot of sports trackers out there.


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      I'm already a member of TSTN and SSC, they don't offer what i need. Other trackers is no related to basketball anyway.


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        Those look like very specific requests and in my opinion the more specific the request is the harder it is to find a site for it, and not only that, the more unlikely it is that such a site really exists.

        The problem is that in torrent you need to have a number of people with similar interests, otherwise an uploader will upload something and no one will download it, at least not within a few hours of uploading -> frustrating, he won't upload it again.

        Therefore my guess is that a tracker like the one you are looking for does not exist. You might have a bit better chances to look for some forum, maybe there is one and maybe you find one where people upload and share content via one click hosters.

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