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    I'm thinking of enrolling in Open University soon, and I'm pretty set on doing one of the options for the set of courses called Computing & IT and a second subject.
    The four ones I'm most interested in are the design ones. Here are the titles of the courses with links to the descriptions:

    Design with software development pathway
    Design with digital technologies pathway
    Design with networking pathway
    Design with solutions development pathway

    Basically, I want to choose the course which will give me the highest likelihood of reasonable employment after graduating -- not necessarily the highest earnings, but the most likelihood of being employed at all. I was hoping someone on here might have an idea as to what's going on in the computer science industry in the near future, and could give me an idea.

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    Design with networking pathway and Design with software development pathway.

    Networking will give you better chance of getting a decent job now and in the future, but as with any job you will also need work experience accompanied with your degree.


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      An important thing to think about also is which one you will be most satisfied working in. It doesnt matter which one we pick because in the end if you're not happy doing it then you'll end up doing something different anyways. What field are you most interested in?


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        My interest is in any of those fields. I'd love to learn any and all of it. I think I'd be happy in any of those career paths.


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          Prospect wise I would have said the networking area is the best one, have you completed CCNA or want to do it? Not sure it matters too much which degree you do, just make sure you enjoy it as you will spend 3/4 years studying for it but once you finish unviersity dont think it matters too much


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            If you are looking to be most employable, then I would go with Software Development. Good software developers are needed pretty much everywhere. But, before choosing this field, you need to make sure that you really like programming and that you have the brain for it. I've seen both cases where people liked it, but just couldn't do it, and where people ended up not really liking it in the end. If you really enjoy that field, then you could easily get a low-end starting programing position making $50k (That is the minimum starting salary graduates from my school get after having a BS in Computer Science). If you have the drive, you should be able to work your way up the ranks, and possibly enter the world of project management. It's really up to you how far you want to go.

            As SuperT said you really want to make sure you enjoy the field. There is still a good bit of variation between your chosen topic of interests. Perhaps you should do a bit more research as to what specific job roles those positions entail. You could probably call the career center or its equivalent at that school to get more information. Regardless of what you do, best of luck! I hope you end up getting into something that you are really passionate about.


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              Thank you for all the replies


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                [MENTION=163530]TKoL[/MENTION], Hi
                ur interested in learning multiple technologies
                my suggestion is IT security field [not listed in ur list] though if u want to become a security professional u need solid networking ,programing knowledge need to know multiple os's need to update every day with ur technologies ->as per ur interest this is one path.........