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How can i seed a file that i moved?

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  • How can i seed a file that i moved?

    Say for instance i download a file and it puts the file in the /folder. I move the file from the /folder and dump it in a folder called /folder /folder_for_file.

    How do i reseed that file with the newly created folder name?


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    Stop the file you are seeding.
    Right Click on it - Advance - Set download Location
    Force Re-Check
    Force Start

    ps : i did a quick search in case i forgot how to do it
    How to Seed Moved or Renamed Files in BitTorrent


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      Thanks for the reply. I don't have an advance tab. I'm using rutorrent. ALl i have is a Save to, Get .torrent and edit torrent when i right click the file.


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        If using a seedbox in ruTorrent you can also right click the torrent and select "save to", then tick the "move data files", then ruTorrent will move the files for you and continue seeding from the new location. Probably not that useful for home use, however very useful on a hybrid seedbox with SSD and HDD to move the data off the smaller SSD and onto the larger HDD to keep seeding from there once the S/L ratio is high and you don't need the SSD for fast uploading anymore.

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          Thanks. It worked .