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Question regarding t-mobile phones.

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  • Question regarding t-mobile phones.

    I have a smartphone with data plan.

    My mother's sim card doesn't have data plan. She want to use my smartphone.

    My smartphone a legit phone, didn't jail break it or anything like that.

    My mother doesn't want the data plan, so she doesn't want to pay for it.

    I heard stories where if you put a sim card (that doesn't have data plan) into a smartphone, the data plan will automatically activate.

    I want to know if this is true or not.


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    Best thing to do is call T-Mobile and ask them if that's the case. I was always under the impression that the SIM card was independent of the plan or the phone. I would just call and explain to them what you are trying to do and see what they say. I can't imagine them just activating a data plan without your consent or choosing!


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      that what i believe too, but my brother tell me something else. i guess i will give them a call.



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        All charges for phones are associated with the SIM card, so if you put your mums SIM into your smartphone anything the phone does will be charged to her SIM. There is a high chance the phone will try to use mobile data - even if your mums SIM doesn't have a dataplan with it, the SIM is most likely able to use mobile data and like when you go over your allocated credit will add to your monthly bill.

        Basically if you put her SIM in, she'll probably end up with an increased bill from the phone trying to use data. Most SmartPhones have the option to disable the data network - I regularly use that option on my phone since my data cap is rather small, sometimes I need to make sure the phone doesn't use any data and doing that is easier than trying to disable all apps that use it.
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          if youre talking about iphone, simply turn off data from setting > general > network
          this will prevent data been used from her sim at the least.

          but like what others have said call to confirm as im unsure of t-mobile


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