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  • Profile link help?

    Hello, I have been asked on another tracker if I want to join to supply profile links.

    I have never done this before, is this safe, and do I just give them the url to my profile on the tracker?

    Just want to make sure this is safe on my end to do this. TI has not steered me wrong before.

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    Sounds like you are chatting in IRC with members of a tracker to gain access? Or are you on tracker A seeking request for tracker B?

    Regardless, I've given out profile links before. Don't just give them to some random person, but if the person seems legit and has invites, then I wouldn't be too concerned about it. It really just depends on how paranoid you are. If it's an official way to gain access to the tracker then I wouldn't worry about it at all, but if it's from some member, then you should be a little more cautious.

    To give a profile link, you simply view your profile on the tracker and copy the URL. It will most likely be something like You can usually hide certain things by setting your paranoid level, so keep that in mind.


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      Which tracker you want to join. If that is a trusted tracker you can send it(Personally do this many times). If they want profile snapshot hide passkey and pin


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        Thanks for your help, I was just about to do your exact advice. Two people on a tracker pm'd me, one was a user directing me to a forum thread on the tracker where an admin of the tracker i was looking for was offering invites if you pm'd him with profile links he found acceptable.

        Another person random also msg'd me offering me an invite provided i give him links to a couple profiles, i decided to pm option number 1 since he was legit admin of the tracker i was asking for an invite for.


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          Profile link is just that, link to your profile

          It cannot be misused in the sense that they will have to be member of the tracker to view your profile

          If the person sounds shady and untrustworthy then I wont give as it will show them your username and stats


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            Tracker this was on is chdbits. I just never offered profile links, usually my profile on chdbits was good enough I just received invites from that, so I just want to make sure I am being safe.