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    hello, wonder if anyone can help.
    i am a user of but for the last few days i have not been able to log in due to the site going down and now it's back up i have been told i need to recover my password and change my email, i have tried all this with no luck, i even tried MIRC but it says connection is refused, my question is can anyone here point me in the right direction so i can speak to a mod or admin from revolutiontt so i can get back into my account?
    any help would be great.

    ps. if i have posted in wrong place please bear with me as im sort of a newbie.

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    you do not have to change the email on the account you have to recover your password everyone had to, otherwise you will not be able to get into account have a new pass sent to the email that you registered when you opened your account


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      As shadowbuild has mentioned, you only need to recover your password. Enter you email address in the field, then go to your email that you used to register to the site, hit the link, which will take to to a webpage where you will be required to enter your new password. Then you can use your normal user name and new password to log in. Hope this helps!