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Creating Torrents and they are not 100% ???????

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  • Creating Torrents and they are not 100% ???????

    I have been uploading for about a week, But every third or fourth torrent I try to do fails, as the new .torrent I make is not 100%

    Most work fine, and I follow the same process each time, So im not sure why some are failing.

    I am using a seedbox that has ruTorrent v3.3 installed.

    I am making sure to click "private torrent"

    Any experianced uploaders know what might cause this error?

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    Forgot to say about sizes, For instance the last one I created was over 4 gig file, the torrent I made said 98% yet was only 350mb!
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    What error appears while you create it?


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      No errors shown during the process of making it, I have found that it is mainly an issue with files over 4gb, those under 4gig seems to be fine most of the time.


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        It sounds to me llike the harddrive that your trying to put it on is formatted in FAT32 which cant hold a single file over 4 gigs. I dont know alot about seedboxes though so maybe someone else can provide more info on how to fix and if that is the problem.
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