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Anyone knows what happened to midnight-scene?

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  • Anyone knows what happened to midnight-scene?

    Anyone knows what happened to midnight-scene? It has been down for weeks.

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    Last I heard is that their hdd crashed. They were having problems with the backups as well.


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      i am not sure but i think they lost some data..................


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        They had HDD failure and then the backups failed, then the money man left.
        Now they are back but only as a forum site, no torrents :(
        But if like me you were there for the community then we are back and hopefully stronger come and join us at
        We look forward to seeing you again :)


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          Welcome back to MS

          It’s been a rough few weeks for the site, staff and members but we’re finally back with a few changes. We had a major hdd failure and needed to put in a support ticket but, because of the way our site was set-up, it meant we had to go through our ‘money guy’ to put one in. We could not get him to respond to us but didn’t panic since we had our backups still working. A week later the second disc failed and the site went down. We scrambled to get that support ticket in but to this day it STILL has not been answered (thanks for nothing leaseweb).

          After that happened we had a competitor go to our 'money guy' and demand the site domain so he could take over the site and our database. He refused but no longer trusts us. That incident has left us in a bit of a difficult spot. We then had no ‘moneyguy’ to handle our accounts and no actually money to start again; while we were discussing our options, and rebuffing the take-over attempt, we ordered a new server but while we were waiting for it to be built (no used ones this time), we lost the IRC server (whether it was from the account not being paid or cut off by moneyman doesn’t matter) and our sole remaining backup was then lost.

          At that point, we were out of options. We were faced with just letting things die or keeping the community together. We opted to keep the community alive. It was always the best thing about MS -- we had friends here and we were not willing to just sever those ties. We had fun together and were a great source of support for each other. We can still be that if it is what YOU guys want.

          So we’re back, with a fresh start. We are operating solely as a forum based community – there will be no torrents. We had a great run but we simply don't have the funds to continue. We would love it if you guys would stick with us and still call this place home like we still do.

          As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions. The fate of this community is in your hands.

          MS Staff
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            that sucks majorly. i began my torrenting life with them 2 iterations ago, unfortunately they always seem to have this kind of issue pop up every few years...