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How to download files from seedbox using SmartFTP and IDM?

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  • How to download files from seedbox using SmartFTP and IDM?


    I generally use SmartFTP to generate FTP links and then I download those links using Internet Download Manager (IDM).

    My current box only supports FTPS (and not FTP) which isn't supported by IDM.

    So my only option is to convert the link to HTTPS in SmartFTP which would be downloadable by IDM.

    However, when I entered the following setting in SmartFTP's URL Mapping settings:

    It creates HTTPs link as

    However this link doesn't get recognized in IDM even though I added the login credentials under settings:

    Any ideas, anyone?

    Thanks in advance.

    ps: I forgot to mention that I've tried CuteFTP and Filezilla several times and they aren't fast as IDM
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    Not exactly an answer because I don't/wouldn't use IDM, but does https://user:[email protected] work in IDM? Does it work in your browser? (hope you're not using IE)

    I'm not really clear why you don't want to use an FTP client directly. Same speeds can be accomplished with lftp (linux) or cuteftp (winblows) among others.


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      There are plenty of software available that can easily download files from FTP, so maybe you can try something like FileZilla.

      Or maybe switch to a seedbox provider that allows FTP too. But I'd say the best option is to download from FTPS instead of FTP as it allows for more privacy, and just use any software that allows downloading from FTPS - I don't see any reason to keep sticking to IDM.
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        Thanks and repped (+3) for your time, emandiputsynaand achls

        Actually they just corrected an issue with the HTTP download directory.

        Now, I'm able to access the following link from a browser:

        and directly use IDM or DownloadThemAll (Firefox plugin) to download the files.
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