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Did I do it right?

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  • Did I do it right?

    I'm slightly concerned that because I use a lot of open trackers, the bittorrent stats you see on my utorrent screen shot doesn't represent my usage and ratio i have with my private tracker. Should I have done something so that it only displayed my stats? I just want to make sure I have gotten this right, and don't get a bad reputation before I've even started!

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated, although I should say that my introduction is already submitted, I don't know if that changes anything.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    We are not so interested in your tracker usage or ratio to accept you in TI.

    You do have to make some changes to your introduction though.


    edit: It's ok now. Welcome!
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    Sam Harris


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      Welcome to TI. Your introduction has been approved and you are now a full member of TI. I understand your earlier concern, but as F1member was explaining your tracker stats were not a big issue to us. Mainly we are looking for integrity and that you follow our rules.

      Take your time looking around the site. When you have a chance, you should look at our FAQ if you haven't seen it yet. We have a great community here and I hope that you enjoy the site.

      Fortune and love favour the brave .-. Ovid ....


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        Welcome to Torrent-invite :)
        As for the ratio on your client...if you can, try it keep it >1.
        Just keep in mind that when you apply for your first tracker, it may or not be asked.
        People ask for ratioproofs to verify that you treat your trackers correctly.

        I would suggest joining an open tracker such as to get a good ratio. Thats what I joined first as its an open tracker (not public, o.O) and I have a 2.5 ratio.

        Find some easy to join trackers, get a good ratio, and then you won't have to worry :)