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the cheapest seedbox!

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  • the cheapest seedbox!

    I need a seedbox and i have only 7euro/9.65160 USD :-D,and for some reason i cant see the seedbox advertisement page,so any ideas?!thanks!

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    I have not come across seedbox plans at those prices myself, but both Feral Hosting and whatbox have reasonably low cost plans, but you will have to spend a bit more.

    I'd also be interested to find out which seedbox providers offer plans at the prices you're after!


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      Boxslots have a package here
      SB150 i have this box and if you use this discount code you will get a month at halfprice which is 7
      I cant see anything better than this. I have this box and its great
      Here is the discount code again SB50WHT


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        I suggest for cheap decent seedboxes. They offer a variety of different servers,plans,prices etc. I use a seedbox from them on a dedicated server with unlimited traffic with a 100/10mb connection and i only pay $15 a month U.S

        At the vary least i suggest looking into them before you make your final decision...

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          Also i cant quite remember what providers do it but some definately offer weekly packages which would work out with your price range


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            Pretty hard to find a seedbox for under $10 a month. Perhaps a promotional offer if you look hard. There are some in the $10 - $15 range though. for one usually has good boxes for $10 a month. They sell out a lot. But they also replenish often. Or there area few vendors with boxes around $3 a week if you budget is really tight.

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              The problem with the cheapest of cheap seedboxes is that they're cheap for a reason.
              Too many users on a server meaning you get slow speeds due to sharing too many resources (RAM, HDD, CPU and Bandwidth), poor Support etc, etc.

              I'm not saying you have to spend a fortune, but looking for the bottom line lowest cost isn't usually the best option.


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                thanks guys for all the opinions,i will keep in mind all this things!