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Need help with sims3 expansion install

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  • Need help with sims3 expansion install

    Hi, I'm a total newbie to downloading torrents, so please forgive my ignorance.
    I downloaded a sims3 expansion pack from btjunkie and followed instruction to mount. I actually didn't really understand the instructions but I did my best. So I copied the key provided and continued with install, but when I went to play the game, after loading up a message came up that said we cannot verify that this as a valid disc for the expansion pack that I installed. Obviously I have no idea what I'm doing, but I would really appreciate some help with this.

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    i dnt know much about this ,but you need to follow line to line instructions in the .NFO file
    also you need to mount the iso on virtual disc to make it work


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      did you copy the file from crack folder if you did then i don't know what the problem but if you not then go to disk there is folder name crack open it and copy files in it and past it where you install the game

      for more info see this

      How To Download and Install Sims 3 (+ Crack and serial) [Torrent -Tested] - YouTube


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        First thing is do what Nightwalke said. Go to the ISO of the expansion pack, open it (I use WinRaR), and there should be a folder with the name of the scene group that released the expansion pack. Inside that folder will be a crack that you need to place over the original .exe in your program files. If you've already done that, then there was something wrong with the installation of your game/expansion.