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Cannot post in General section of tracker invites

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  • Cannot post in General section of tracker invites

    Hopefully I am not just missing something trivial, but I have tried many times, and cannot seem to post in this section. Forum>Area 51>Free Invites>General Trackers.

    Everytime I try to post, I get an error "You must select a thread prefix." I asked around and was told there should be a drop down menu, but honestly I am not seeing it. So, hopefully someone will be able to help me. I posted a screen so you can see exactly what I am seeing. Any help will be appreciated. Sorry if I am just missing something stupid.


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    What browser you are using?

    I can see the prefix look at the pic:

    This is the link for create a new thread in the general trackers -> try this link if it work for you...
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      Same link I was using, I am using FF. I tried safari as well. Cleared cookies, dns tried other TI themes. I just don't have that magical box..grrr I will try a few more browsers and see what happens.


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        The general problem I have experienced before on this was because a flaw in a script, and has to be solved through a MOD, (forum manager > Edit forum > Require Threads to have a Prefix > no)

        I am not excactly a Guru on this topic, so bare with me if i'm totally wrong here...

        EDIT: Yes, the first comment was stupid... lol :)
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          He wants to post in the General trackers and set the prefix to 10% so it's all ok this is the new forum you can look for more info in this thread ->

          Btw i am runing Chrome and it works fine but it should work in other browsers also maybe you have some greasemonkey script or any other stuff that hide that box?


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            Ok, so I tried FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Iron on my mac, and IE, FF, Safari, and Chrome on my Work PC(different isp-rdp) still no luck. I should mention, that its not just the general section, its all of the new subforums:

            Movies & TV

            Probably just some glitch..:P


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              Posted this issue on the Staff To Do List.


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                As we were saying in irc earlier today, it appears to be a glitch.
                Definitely won't work with the mobile skin. The default theme works fine though.

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                  White theme works fine as well.

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                    I suspect its a permissions error, each usergroup has a permission "can set thread prefixes" and I suspect it may be set to "no" for VIP. Since this is a new section I'd say that this is the most likely reason for this error.


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                      Just tried again, and it looks like the drop down menu is there!!. So thank you guys!! I am closing the tread, thanks to everyone that helped..:P