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applying for the same invite from differnet members

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  • applying for the same invite from differnet members

    Is it acceptable to apply for an invite from the same tracker but from several different people, so you don't miss the opportunity if you get refused by one? then able to say that you have received an invite from another so then withdrawing your applications from the others
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    yes, you can do that. just make sure to withdraw your other appz as soon as you are going the distance with someone.
    i'd just PM my e-mail to one of them. that way someone else doesn't lose an invite because he's not informed with your diddling


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      Do you mean applying in different Giveaways for the same invite? Just to make sure you get the invite.
      There is no problem with that as long as you get one invite only.

      But i would advise you not to unless it is hard to get in tracker.
      Most members here are generous an would give the invite to anyone that meet their requirements.
      If you PMed your email to an inviter then don't apply again till you get a response.


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        Just wanted to make sure of this as I have seen others applying then suddenly withdrawing their applications saying they have got the invite from elsewhere just wanted to know if this was acceptable. Oh and yes Saam it would have to be a premium tracker
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          I personally check if someone has multiple applications for the same tracker that they have applied to me for and if so I tend to disregard them.
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            It is fine to apply to the same tracker in multiple GA's, but problems can occur if you send your email to 2 different people, and they both try to invite you to the same tracker. The second person will get a message saying that email is in use already, and they will think you are trying to get a dupe account. This will get you into trouble here on T-I, with a warning and possible infraction, and for multiple offences can lead to a ban.

            Do not send your email to a 2nd person, until you have confirmed with the first person, that they will not be sending you an invite.

            If you are ever unsure about something, you can also jump onto the T-I irc help channel and ask there.

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