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Backing up data and torrent files from seedbox

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  • Backing up data and torrent files from seedbox


    I would like to backup my torrent files and data (especially from in case something would happen to the seedbox disk. Could anyone recommend me a way to do this as effortlessly as possible?

    At first I wanted to mirror, but in case something gets deleted from the seedbox, a mirror will probably not be the best solution. And looking at backup solutions, it seems that Cobian backup would be a good solution: it's free, easy to use, you can ftp (i.e. set up local and remote backup directories), it does full, incremental and differential backups etc. It seems to be a bit of a hassle to manually restore the backup though.

    I would be grateful for any kind of input in this matter.

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    don't know what kind of access do you have to remote server, if you have ssh than rsnapshot is nice solution, incremental backups with rsync and hard links, you can have hourly, daily, monthly backups - just choose backup schedule that you want,


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      Very, very nice! I have ssh on my seedbox and I guess I should install cygwin on my computer (running windows 7) at home...? I will have to look into this further, but this seems like something I have been looking for! Thanks.


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        Don't know if hardlinks will work on Windows :(
        hardlinks in windows | ITeF!xMaybe it would be possible to install VirtualBox or VMWare server with linux for that purpose if PC is powerful enough, but this complicates things if you don't have experience with those two. On the other hand if running linux server in virtual environment may be much better solution than running cygwin.


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          Oddly NTFS supports hard links, it's windows that doesn't. There are a bunch of cool things that NTFS can do that windows can't (alternate data streams are a good example)

          Anyhow, back on topic.. I have had much success backing up linux boxes to windows (and vice-versa) with DeltaCopy: DeltaCopy - Rsync for Windows It's an implementation of rsync all wrapped up with a nice "make a service" script for windows and a somewhat quirky GUI config tool.

          My advice however would be to pick up an old computer that you can use as a media player for your TV. Install linux and XBMC and setup a CRON job to sync your seedbox down to it.