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How To Play The IRC Word Game

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  • How To Play The IRC Word Game

    IRC Word Game


    The IRC Word Game is a game played in the #Torrent-Invites main channel in IRC. It is a game that rewards players with points based on how much they talk or participate in conversation. A certain number of words said will earn a player 1 point. These points can then be used to purchase some fantastic prizes. Some prizes will come cheap and be easier to get, while others will take time to gather the amount of points needed to purchase them. This game is meant to be fun for all and encourage activity in IRC. For those of you that haven't been on IRC yet, simply click the banner at the top of the forums and you will be taken to a guide on how to connect. Players will also have the choice to opt-out of the game should they wish to not participate in it, but can always opt back in and resume where they left off.


    Playing the game is simple. All you have to do is talk and converse with others in #Torrent-Invites and your word count will increase along with the number of points you have. You will be able to use a command on IRC to check your stats along with a website made to go along with the game which includes those stats plus extra information.

    1. .points - Displays your current word count and points. By adding a name at the end, such as: .points Poopderp you can check the stats for that user. Typing the command .points top will show you the top 10 for highest word count.
    2. .optout - This command opts you out of the game. When you type it, your stats will stop being recorded and your word count and points will not change.
    3. .optin - This will opt you back in the game if you have chosen to previously opt out. Once this command is used, your word count and points will start being recorded again.
    4. ​.report - Please use this command to report any cheating or abuse of the game, should you see any. After the command, type the offender's name along with any proof you have (image proof is best)


    There is a website that goes along with the game. It is available for everyone to use and should make things more interesting while adding more information for users.
    To access the website simply click here: ChatPoints

    The default sorting is number of words said, but there are clickable arrows for each column which will allow you to temporarily change how things are sorted
    There are three tabs that users will have access to:

    1. Dashboard - This tab shows the top 20 and bottom 20 players, sorted by number of words said. When clicking a user, you will be brought to a detailed stats page for that user where you can view even more information.
    2. Users - This tab is a list of all users in the system, sorted by number of words said. Clicking a user's name will do the same as in the dashboard. You also have the ability to search for a specific user using this page.
    3. Items - On this page, you can see a list of the prizes being offered along with their point cost. Clicking on an item will give more detailed information about that specific item.


    In order to claim your prize, you must choose one from the prize table in this thread: Prize Table
    To claim your prize, you must meet the requirements such as having the correct number of points to purchase the prize. You must also post in the thread saying which prize you would like. A game moderator will then award you your prize, deduct the points from your account and your post will be deleted once the prize has been awarded. You will be able to see a purchase record for your prizes on the website. If you happen to use an alt nick and have points on both nicks, you may request for the points on your alt nick to be transferred to your main nick.


    Cheating/abuse of this game will be taken very seriously. If you attempt to cheat, you will be caught, so don't even try it. Anyone caught cheating will be banned from the game.

    -If you absolutely must copy and paste something into IRC, and it is longer than a line, please use the .optout command before copying and pasting and the .optin command once you have finished. Not doing this will get you flagged as cheating.

    -Special thanks to @Sky_ for programming both the IRC commands and the website for this game.
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