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Competition Rules

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  • Competition Rules

    Competition Rules

    A competition is essentially just a game format for a normal giveaway (be it an invite, bonus, or seedbox giveaway), but can prove to be a fun and rewarding experience because of the competitive element and creative play. Prizes may take the form of an invite, a bonus, a seedbox slot, or a freeleech.
    To keep everything in good order the below rules should be observed at all times.

    • Competitions must be free from any commercial interest or gain to the holder. Examples of commercial interest would be asking people to sign up to pay sites, buy items, fill out surveys, or sign up for newsletters.

    • Competitions should not be based on post count. For example, every 50th poster will receive a bonus.

    • The holder is not allowed to ask for rep or thanks in any way or form

    • Asking for an igiver or a certain invite as a prerequisite for participating or winning is NOT allowed

    • An igiver must be given by the winner of the competition after the prize has been received. Failure to issue the prize will result up to and including the following: a deletion of any iGiver or rep earned from the competition, an infraction, or ban.

    • All competitions need to have a stated end date. The winner should be declared no later than a few days after said end date.

    • If the prize consists of a bonus, the bonus should not be less than the minimum amount as indicated in the bonus section rules.

    • If there are any extra conditions on the prize (such as for example the need to show ratio proofs or profile links), these should be clearly displayed upon the competition starting.

    • Threads must be closed as soon as the competition has ended.

    Have fun and may the best member win!

    Written by Trevor
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