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  • the best invite forum for free torrent tracker invites. the best invite forum for free torrent tracker invites.
    here you can get free invites
    Join us:
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    User Ranks & Privileges
    1. Your rank is displayed in your public profile + under your nickname in each of your posts.

    Rank = requirements = description / privileges:

    = this is where people are after they register

    = 30 post requirement + 20 rep requirement + 10 day requirement = access to 10% Giveaways' forum

    = 70 post requirement + 30 rep requirement + 40 day requirement = access to 33% Giveaways' forum. Able to make requests in the Requests section.

    = 150 posts + 75 reputation + 45 days = access to '55% Giveaways' forum & you are allowed to respond to other people's introductions.

    = 250 posts + 125 reputation + 60 days

    = 500 posts + 250 reputation + 90 days

    = 1000 posts + 500 reputation + 180 days = allowed to have a signature and larger avatars.

    = Staff appointed. Must be 55% or higher. Recruitments are located here.

    = Must be approved by a senior staff. Recruitments are located here.

    = AU$10 = No Access to VIP forum, User Title Still Blue, VIP Tier 1 Rank Bar.

    = AU$15 OR rank up from VIP Tier 1 with 50 Posts + 25 Reps + 30 Days Registered = No Access to VIP forum, User Title Gold (No star), VIP Tier 2 Rank Bar. Access to '33% Giveaways' forum.

    = AU$40 OR rank up from VIP Tier 2 with 150 Posts + 75 Reps + 45 Days Registered = Access to VIP Forum, 55% Invite Forum, Sigs, Avatars, User Title Gold and Starred, VIP Tier 3 Rank Bar. Access to '55% Giveaways' forum.

    = AU$65 OR rank up from VIP Tier 3 with 500 Posts + 250 Reps + 90 Days Registered = Access to VIP Forum, 55% Invite Forum, Sigs, Avatars, User Title Gold and Starred, VIP Tier 4 Rank Bar.

    = AU$90 OR rank up from VIP Tier 4 (or 99%) with 1000 Posts + 500 Reps + 180 Days Registered = Access to VIP Forum, 55% Invite Forum, Sigs, Avatars, User Title Gold and Starred, VIP Tier 5 Rank Bar, Tons of respect.

    = Offers their services to T-I members.

    = a user is appointed the Exalted class by their fellow Exalted members and/or by decision of the staff.

    Note: Your iGivers have nothing to do with your rank.
    1. CAUTION: RULES! Do not spam the forum with lots of quick non-sense posts. Remember that good reputation is needed to get higher ranks. Feel free to talk only when you really got something to say.

      Posts in some sections may not count, so don't be surprised. Don't ask where exactly. Does it matter when you really have something to say?

    Area 51 Rules




    CAUTION: RULES! TRADING (giveaways in exchange for something else e.g. money, invites / bonuses) IS FORBIDDEN! YOU ALSO CANNOT BE AN ACTIVE TRADER ANYWHERE ELSE.

    CAUTION: RULES! DO NOT PASS RECEIVED INVITES TO ANYONE - KEEP THEM FOR YOURSELF. If you've got friends that would like some invites, you better make them join us here @ T-I


    1. What is it? When should I give it?

    iGiver is similar to ebay feedback and is mandatory that you leave it for your inviter upon receiving an invite or bonuses. You may also leave an iGiver for someone to whom you have given an invite if you feel they have been either an exceptional invitee or terrible one (for instance, if they caused you to lose your account or invite privileges by keeping a poor ratio.) The higher a person's iGiver is, the higher the number of invites they have handed out.

    It can be positive (+1), neutral (0), or negative (-1).

    2. When shouldn't I give it?

    You should not give iGiver if you have not been either a giver or receiver. iGiver should not be given in place of rep.

    3. How to give iGivers?

    There are two simple ways:
    • a) click the number of iGivers in user's iGiver counter in the top-left corner of his post (eg. for iGiver: (4) - you click 4)
      b) click "Submit iGiver For [username]" (found on the right side of the page)
      c) fill out the iGiver form (formerly called feedback)

    • a) enter user's public profile by clicking his nickname
      b) click the iGivers tab
      c) click "submit iGiver for [username]"
      d) fill out the iGiver form (formerly called feedback)

      Note: You're able to give each user only 1 iGiver a day. Also, giving iGiver to the same person more than once is not counted in the total stats (but it's listed and you still have to iGiver them!)

    If you still don't understand how to iGiver, read these instructions:

    Tip: iGiver was once called 'iTrader' - you may encounter it reading some older posts. They are the same thing, only the name has changed.

    How to lock your own thread:

    If for some reason you need to lock it (e.g. you found out you made a duplicated thread, your giveaway is over, you got all the answers you needed and want to prevent it from future spam),

    There are 3 ways to do it
    1. In the main page of a section where your thread resides, double-click the / located to the left of the title so it turns to /

    2. Within the thread:

      click the Administrative menu on top of the FIRST post (you started the thread with)- a drop-down menu including few thread options will appear
      b) make sure the Close Thread radio button on bottom is selected (it should be by default)
      c) click the Proceed button

      Refer here for visual instructions.

    3. To edit (e.g. to add some explanatory / summary comment) & close the thread:

      a) Click Edit Post (the post you started the thread with)
      b) click the Go Advanced button (between Save and Cancel buttons)
      c) scroll down a bit to see Moderation Tools header in Additional Options
      d) click the Close this thread after you submit your message checkbox, so it gets selected
      e) click the Save Changes button


    • User is infamous around these parts -20
    • User has a little shameless behaviour in the past -5
    • User is an unknown quantity at this point 0
    • User is on a distinguished road 5
    • User will become famous soon enough 20
    • User has a spectacular aura about 100
    • User is a jewel in the rough 250
    • User is just really nice 500
    • User is a glorious beacon of light 750
    • User is a name known to all 1000
    • User is a splendid one to behold 1500
    • User has much to be proud of 2000
    • User has a brilliant future 2500
    • User has a reputation beyond repute 3000
    • User is a T-I hero 4000
    • User is a T-I legend 5000
    • User is a T-I Titan 15000
    • User is a T-I God 30000
    • User is a God amongst all T-I 60000
    • User is everything and nothing 120000

    • You can check your current reputation in your public profile (above your rank) and in your posts under your iGiver counter. It's represented by one or more icons like: .
    • You can monitor reputation you've recently received in your UserCP.
    • Users with higher reputation have a higher "rep power", thus they add more reputation points when they rep someone using the "Reputation" button (more than just +/- 1) than a person with a lower rep power.

    The Rep button:
    1. You can't see/use the rep button until you're
    2. After that, the is visible right under the users avatar in the left side of each post. It is part of rep indicator.
    3. This allows you to:

      a) give (+) positive reputation

      b) leave a specific comment / reason why
    4. CAUTION: RULES! Before repping a new user into T-I from the Introductions, make sure you read this: and
    5. CAUTION: RULES! Before giving anyone (-) negative rep, make sure you read this: Rules for Repping

    Tip: Depending on what reputation you have, you get various reputation comments (seen after hovering the icons).

    Note: The "Like" button adds 1 rep point while the "Dislike" button does not impact a member's reputation total.

    When should you give positive reputation?

    You may give positive rep or thanks when...:
    • a post is useful to you
    • a post is useful to someone else
    • a giveaway is made that you like
    • a request is filled
    • a good suggestion is made
    • a post is helpful to the moderators

    So when you should you NOT give positive rep or thanks?
    • when someone makes a request
    • when someone applies for an invite
    • when someone bumps a thread
    • or anything resembling spam
    • in order to receive an invite (you may give rep or thanks to a deserving giveaway it if you desire but please report any threads that require rep or thanks as a condition of the giveaway)


    If you still have some questions, use the advanced search to search the Help Section for similar issues before you ask - it's likely that your question has been already asked by someone else and answered.

    Note: Also look for a thread before you start your own so not to create dupes / duplicated threads. Make a few dupes in a row and.. you know what will happen to you

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      Please use the [search] engine before posting any questions.

      How does the promotions for V.I.P. work? Are the posts, rep, time requirements separate from the regular member promotions?

      You must note the V.I.P. promotions works in an either/or scenario. You can either purchase the specific tiered class to automatically be promoted and gain its privileges OR you can purchase the basic tier1 class and work your way up by contributing posts, earning rep, and time spent on site.

      No, the posts, rep, and time requirements are not on a separate system. Whatever posts, rep, and time you have now equates to the stats used to promote you if you're a V.I.P.

      Note: If you're currently a regular 55% member and decide to purchase V.I.P. tier1 you will automatically be promoted to the equivalent V.I.P. class which, in this case, is V.I.P. tier3.

      Since the upgrade to T-I v.3, the site has been extremely slow and laggy. What can I do to alleviate this issue?

      There are a few solutions to this problem. (i) You could try changing the style sheet (bottom left-hand corner) to either no background or white. (ii) You could use a different browser. Many have found using Opera or upgrading to FireFox 4 have completely removed the lag. Chrome seems to work fine as well.

      I changed the stylesheet to Torrent Invites v3 Mobile and now I can't change it back to the regular theme. What can I do?

      Click on the [Full Site] link at the bottom of the page. If that doesn't work, try [this] or [this]. It's always a good idea to try logging out and signing back into your account. If that still doesn't work, empty the browser's cache/delete the cookies and re-login. If none of the previous solution resolves your issue, then go ahead and PM [el2em] to have him manually switch you back to the regular theme.

      Note: You may need to go to your [General Settings] to set the default forum skin back to Torrent Invites v3.1 and save the changes.

      How do I gain access to the Free Invites section? Why am I stuck at 0% progress?

      0% progress simply means you're registered to the forum, but have yet created a formal introduction to be repped into the community. Follow this [link] to fill out the introduction form accordingly. An intro worker will process your introduction as soon as it passes all the necessary requirements. Once you're repped in, you will have access to numerous tracker invites within the [Area 51] section.

      I've reached the requirements for 33%/55%/75%/99%/complete, but my progress level hasn't updated. How do I fix this?

      Ensure you've met the requirements [[B]here[/B]]. If you have, try logging out and signing back into your account. If that doesn't work, empty the browser's cache/delete the cookies and re-login. You could also wait 24 hours for it to update itself. The system is working; have some patience.

      I'm new to the torrent scene. How do I know whether or not a tracker is right for my specific needs?

      Please refer to the [Tracker Reviews] section. You will find reviews for numerous trackers and their corresponding acronyms. An index for related trackers can be found [here].

      Do I need to create an introduction and be repped into the community to be able to apply for give-aways?

      Yes. You should pass your introduction and be promoted to 10% prior to applying for invites. PM'ing members to request for invites is against the rules and may need to warnings/infractions/bans. Members are encouraged to report such messages.

      My invite applications keeps getting deleted or overlooked. What am I doing wrong?

      Please refer to the [Invite Giveaway Guide] for proper proof editing. Ratio proofs that are incorrectly edited are usually reported to and deleted by staff. Most staff members will message you, but continuous posting of badly edited proofs can lead to infractions.

      What's the difference between rep points and rep power?

      Rep points are the total amount of points you currently have. Your rep points can be found in the [User CP] across from "Latest Reputation Received". This is the value the system uses to determine your progress level.

      Rep power is the amount of rep points added to another member when you +rep him using the Reputation button .
      • Negatively repping (-rep) another member will only subtract half of your current rep power from their account (e.g., a member with a rep power of 10 has a -rep power of 5)

      Are the Like/Dislike buttons associated to our rep count?

      If someone likes your post, the system will add one rep point to your account. If a post is particularly helpful to you or the community, you can use the rep button instead. Clicking the dislike button will not impact a member's reputation total.

      What is the difference between Feedback Score and Total Positive Feedback?

      Feedback Score is the value based on iGivers received from different members (e.g., if you receive 10 iGivers from me it would still only register as 1 unique iGiver). The value is also visible under your avatar/username.

      Total Positive Feedback is the value for all iGivers received. This includes iGivers received from the same members and, obviously, taking negative/neutral feedbacks into account.

      What posts qualifies as spam?

      Posts that do not add significance or even remotely relevant to the original post. Posts which looks as if they're created just to add to the user's post count (barely exceeding 10 characters). 'Thank you' posts also qualifies as spam; we have the Like button for a reason. The definition of a spam post varies, but just use some common sense and add some length and importance to your messages. These will not only help you avoid any unnecessary warnings, but also add reputation to your profile if other users deem your post helpful.

      What is "hijacking a thread"?

      Hijacking a thread is when you disrespectfully take over another member's thread by going off-topic from the original post.

      Likely scenarios of hijacking are usually found in the Request and/or Help sections. A member hjiacks another member's thread by requesting for his own invite or asking for help on an irrelevant matter.

      Is it against the rules to apply for the same tracker invite in multiple give-away threads?

      No, it's not against the rules. To avoid any confusion, please be courteous and remove your applications from other threads once you've received the invite.
      • Inviters should also PM applicants before sending out the invitation. You'll only run into this situation on those "Just ask and PM me your email" give-aways. It's best to avoid these type of give-aways.

      When should I use the report button? When should I post in the chopping block?

      Report () a post/PM when a member is breaking the [forum rules] (e.g., excessive spamming, exposed ratio proofs/email, flaming, etc.). The report button could also be used to clean up our community (e.g., to report dupe threads, to move threads, to delete irrelevant posts, to refer an introduction to a mod, etc.). It's better to report a post/PM than messaging a staff member.

      Create a chopping block thread when the issue is directly related to tracker invites and the well-being and security of our T-I members (e.g., reporting ratio cheaters, scammers, traders, dupe tracker accounts, dupe T-I accounts, etc.)

      My question is not listed within the FAQ, what now?

      If your specific question is not listed within the FAQ or you need clarification with a certain rule, either post in the [Help] section or submit a help ticket through [Contact Us].

      Userclass Legend:

      User Status

      T-I Staff

      T-I Staff
      T-I Staff
      T-I Staff
      Banned Banned Member
      0% Starting Member
      10% T-I Member
      33% T-I Member
      55% T-I Member
      75% T-I Member
      99% T-I Member
      100% T-I Member
      Site Rep

      T-I V.I.P.

      T-I V.I.P.

      T-I V.I.P.

      T-I V.I.P.

      T-I V.I.P.

      T-I Sponsor

      T-I M.O.T.M.

      T-I Exalted

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