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Cipher Winner Announced!

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    Congrats chapstick!

    I can't believe I could have solved this myself. I had gotten the first two clues pretty easily, but seeing as how im not Christian and have never read the bible, I would never have gotten the third clue. Kinda unfair, but hopefully ill have better luck next time.


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      If anyone is interested: I didn't actually use the site Jenna linked,
      I used PHP's mcrypt library directly. Any website (given the popularity of PHP, i'm sure there are many) which provide a front end to the mcrypt library would have done the job handily.

      I'm not sure if any other implementation of the serpent cipher would have worked, since the mcrypt function by default pads the key with nul bytes if it isn't the correct length

      [/end nerd talk] :)


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        Schmak, you already knew that bro :p

        @ El2em, he wants special atention, he's jealous haha :D
        Yeah, I'm the one and only McLovin from Superbad and the one and only Red Mist from Kick Ass :cursing:
        YEAH I'M BACK!

        A big thanks to all from T-I, special thanks for some users lalala



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          congrats chapstick well done I had all the clues right but was looking on all the wrong sites to use them on but it was a great learning experience and just knowing that I got the clues right I feel good and happy for you chapstick enjoy your new gold status!!!

          SERPENT decrypt(key)
          SERPENT encrypt(key)

          lmao, which one is used I tried to do it now I know what everything is and I dont get that message
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            congrats to JustJenna and TankGirl for the wonderful riddles and congrats to Chapstick for decihpering
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              Congrats Chapstick.. U deserve to be a winner. I wish I had that talent too.. :D


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                Congratulations Chapstick for winning... and thx alot TI for offering us such great contests... TI FTW and keep up the good work!


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                  a thought i had it, but dident use ! in pink(or p!nk). a well never thought i would get it anyways. congrats to chapstick. great work and a great competion.

                  well see you in about 3 weeks time. going to holliday to thailand..........


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                    Congratulations to you Chapstick.


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                      Chapstick, ever thought to go work for NSA to solve puzzles for them? LOL Nicely done!


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                        And I kept searching for a cipher site because this froze out every time... *sighs*


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                          Congrats to Chapstick!

                          For JustJenna,


                          I clicked this link and did signup!


                          We all live in America, Coca Cola, sometimes war!

                          Thanks DantheMan for repping me in!