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  • Flutrose our exalted intro mistress

    It appears flutrose is in the hospital. With what, I am not sure... but everyone wish her a speedy recovery. I know I do!

    In this thread we can all wish her well (obviously), immerse us with tales of her, etc... =D

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    Hope you get better soon flutey =)


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      Shes the one who repped me...Its very sad to hear that she has been sick lately...i wish flutrose the fastest and painless recovery..U r among those who work very hard on TI and always try to improve the site...I wish u good luck...and get healthy soon..WE MISS U


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        I really hope you get better soon Flutty...missed you in the IRC channel and in the forum sections as well... speedy recovery.


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          Well i found out today from the chat box that flutrose is sick.

          [01-03, 22:12] Core Hope you recover soon, flutrose
          [01-03, 21:58] Majid Okay i see, i hope your recover soon flutrose, truly do.
          [01-03, 21:42] flutrose thanks staff. Time for me to go, take care.
          [01-03, 21:41] staffrodore get well soon though
          [01-03, 21:41] staffrodore
          [01-03, 21:40] flutrose I couldn't handle it right now staff, spend most of my time sleeping or at the hospital. :( I really wish I could though.
          [01-03, 21:37] staffrodore rape and pillage
          [01-03, 21:37] staffrodore join it so I can raid your village
          [01-03, 21:35] flutrose I wish I could, it looks like fun
          [01-03, 21:35] flutrose I'm not up to it, sorry Majid. Been sick lately.
          [01-03, 21:28] Majid Hey flutrose how come you haven't joined conquest yet?

          As I am and many of you are good friends with flutrose (The Mistress of the introduction section), i just wanted to open this thread for people to wish her the fastest of recoveries.

          I know there aren't many threads like this, on this site but i just wanted to make this one as flutrose is just a wonderful, kind and generous person. She devotes alot of her time and effort to recruit wonderful new members into our community on a daily basis. She works hard around the site to further improve it with her helpful posts, suggestions and thoughts.

          When i found out she was sick i just had to open this thread for people to wish her a fast painless recovery. Here at T-I we always claim to be one tight knit family, which we definitely are so lets wish flutrose a well deserved recovery and prove to her how much we here love her and appreciate what she does for all of us.

          Flutrose it is very sad to hear that you are sick and i wish you the fastest and most painless of recoveries. You are a great asset to this site and without you it wouldn't be the same. You always try your best to improve the site in which ever way you can with all your helpful posts, suggestions and thoughts. Your work in the introductions can not go missed by any and we (I) truly appreciate the time and effort you put into the introductions and site respectively.

          In the name of the best within me, I radiate a light by which others may see their own way in dark streets of life while I pursue my quest for excellence with an urge to serve others at whatever cost as I rise to the occasion, staying true to my ideals, beliefs and commitments and as the heroes of all time have guided me by example, so shall I guide you with my strength and dedication to persevere and endure all responsibilities on this trail of bliss and perfection-the path of The Exalted.


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            flutrose hope you recover soon and will see you soon here... ;)
            I don't know you personally but I am sure you are a gr8 assert here as all exalted are so cool....

            Damn I just saw a thread from ethicks but when I tried to post it disappeared...I wonder what happened...I wonder what is happening to this thread...

            <3 to all My friends here and thx to all who helped me..
            I am more awesome than ScottK .


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              OMG not Flutrose hope you get better real quick, heres a little gift I hope you like it.

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              He is the only living being to strike fear into the one that possesses the all mighty roundhouse kick. He is,
              The Exalted.



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                My wish is for our beloved intro mistress to recover soon.


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                  Hi, Flutrose get well soon. You have been extremely helpful to me. You helped me with the ratio proofs before I was repped in. This is a wonderful gesture of opening this thread and wishing her a quick recovery. You are a great asset to the site.


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                    I wish that she get well and come back to us as soon as possible. My thoughts with her and her family.
                    God bless her.


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                      Hope you recover soon flutrose


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                        Hope you can get well soon. I still not chat with u <3


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                          Oh wow! I knew I hadn't seen her around lately.

                          Get well soon flutrose! Hope everything is OK!


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                            Good luck


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                              Hi Flutrose I really hope you get well very soon. After my truck crash in april 2007 I feel for people that go into hosiptal for any reason My best wishes are with you!!