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Happy Birthday Torrent-Invites! And Giveaways!

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  • Happy Birthday Torrent-Invites! And Giveaways!

    Happy Birthday to T-I! Thanks to everyone, both past and present, who's played a part in making this place such a wonderful community to be part of!

    Giveaway Prizes:
    • 1 - seedbox slot for 1 month (must complete all tasks to be considered)
    • 4 - seedbox slots for 1 week (must complete 5 of 6 to be considered)
    • 10 - invites or bonuses ** (must complete 4 of 6 to be considered)

    * Prizes courtesy of @DroppingDeuces
    ** Invites: DroppingDeuces's Massive Giveaway - 25+ Trackers
    ** Bonuses: DroppingDeuces's Bonus Giveaway - EMP | BHQ | AT | BitHDTV | FM | FF

    To be eligible for the giveaways, complete the following:
    1. Make a "Happy Birthday to T-I" post in this thread (be original and fun with it)
    2. In the same post, highlight and thank @DroppingDeuces
    3. In the same post still, Highlight @Dave with the "friend" quote from his avatar
    4. Mention "Happy Birthday" to T-I in the shoutbox (screenshot for proof)
    5. In IRC, message me with the link to Dave's post regarding the site being officially launched
    6. In IRC, on #Torrent-Invites, say "T-I turned X1 on X2! (where X1 = T-I's age and X2 = the month and day)

    * Giveaway will close in approximately 1 week, at which point, winners will be determined and listed below

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    Happy Birthday T-I :) Thanks @DroppingDeuces & @outdoors30 for the generosity of offering these prizes and for this great happy birthday T-I giveaway. Hello @Dave thanks again for creating this site. quote from avatar "Lets be friends". Happy holidays everyone
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      Happy B-Day to the only one TTTTTTTTT......IIIIIIIII!!!!!! Thanks for your kindness [MENTION=207300]DroppingDeuces[/MENTION] for the giveaway! [MENTION=1]Dave[/MENTION], sorry to say this in front of everyone, but the truth must be said: you are sweetest man on earth by thinking one day "hey, what if this existed so everyone could make friends, get the content they want, and talk about everything, all in the same place?" LET'S BE FRIENDS!
      Hope everyone enjoy TI for long and long years :)

      TIsSoMv.jpg (1366 x 768 pixels)


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        Happy birthday TI!
        Thanks everyone for everything!


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          Happy birthday and thanks to everyone for their kindness so far! :D


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            First of all let me just say that T-I is Simply the bes!t!!! And since i joined it a lot of things changed for me So "Happy Birthday T-I " .Also i'd like to thank @DroppingDeuces for what he's doing to keep T-I On Top and for the prizes he's giving to this Giveaway " keep the good work bro",

            @Dave !!! Thank you for making all this happen u're the best !! friend quote " LETS BE FRIENDS! " .

            shoutbox screenshot

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              Really happy to be here with you guys! This is the place where my journey started, and I will never forget that. I still learn and gain so much from here. Huge thanks to Dave for T-I. You are the reason that T-I exists, but most of of all, thanks to the massive community&staff that make T-I, what it really is, all these years.

              Thanks to @DroppingDeuces for all these prices every time. (I am not taking part to the giveaway)

              Want to mention, that yeah, is true that last months, are a little quiet here. But T-I is not the only forum that pass through a "crisis". I have seen many forums with lovely and warm communities closed, or become dead last years. And, for me, is good sight that T-I still have some activity. I hope, people will come back to the forums in the near future, young people will see farther than facebook, and T-I will get back to its feet soon!

              So....Happy Birthday T-I


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                Happy Birthday T-I.. :) This is the one and only place where dreams come true! (Yea, that's right!)

                Thanks to [MENTION=207300]DroppingDeuces[/MENTION] for the great giveaways. And [MENTION=1]Dave[/MENTION] , thanks for creating this magical site. quote from avatar "Lets be Friends" .

                Thanks to Hearts , mate88 & pb_teo for this awesome avatar and signature.


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                  Happy Birthday, n thnx to all to be my friends n give support n being helpful , n so great staff

                  Special thanks to SiniuS for VIP giveaway and those who supported me!
                  Shadowbuild is the true master


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                    Happy birthday! :D
                    Thanks for this community!


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                      Happy Birthday! :)
                      Eat, Sleep, Seed, Repeat.


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                        Happy Birthday T-I and thanks to every one for great support guyz keep it up. :)
                        Special thanks to:linkboy


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                          Happy Birthday T-I Thanks @DroppingDeuces & @outdoors30 for simply being very generous.
                          What a awesome site. I have seen a lot of people come and go. After 5 years I still call T-I home.
                          Happy Birthday @
                          Dave "Let's be friends".



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                            Happy Birthday T-I :)


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                              I think the week as passed, are the winners going to be announced?