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Please welcome our newest staff members

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  • Please welcome our newest staff members

    As some of you have already taken notice of, we have added two new Global Moderators and one Coder to our team. These three members have been an enormous asset to Torrent-Invites and we are thrilled to have them join our staff ranks. Please put your e-hands together to congratulate swiftdestiny, @GPaX, and @Sky_ to the team. @SwiftDestiny has just celebrated one year as an intro moderator, demonstrating unmatched loyalty (amongst the intro mods of the previous year) and undying dedication. He has repped in thousands of members, helping build T-I into the thriving forum it has become. GPaX is also a long time intro mod, spending eight months in one of the toughest, most demanding sections on site. We can only marvel at their dedication and patience. They had no clue they were ever going to be offered a promotion and were honestly surprised and gracious when they accepted the position. That is what impresses me most about them. They had no master plan in place, no desire to compete with others to climb the ladder. That is a rare find and one I am thrilled our senior staff recognized this in them.

    Also coming to our staffing team is long time member @Sky_. A member since 2009, he joined T-I just a few months after me, and after being overlooked for far too long, we are happy to have him join the staff as a Coder. Please be aware that Coders have equal rank and permissions to our global moderators. The only difference is that they know coding languages and can sometimes be working on projects to make the site more user friendly than it already is. In fact, before Sky_ was promoted he was already working on just such a project. I won't steal his thunder and tell you what it is, but look for something of major use to come in the future. Oh and we can't forget the many hundreds of hours he put in to helping @outdoors30 perfect the IRC lotto and bot.

    Additionally, Sky_ expressed interest in doing modding work and being of help wherever her can as well, so while he may be working on T-I's coding projects, you are likely to see him modding around the site. He is humble and gracious, telling me that his only desire is to help out wherever and however he can. He has big plans for improving the efficiency of the site and I am excited to see what is in store for the future . He has always shown dedication and loyalty and his help with developing our personal IRC has been invaluable. After so many years, I am glad to see him finally join the staffing team.

    So please welcome our newest three staff members and if you feel so inclined, let them know how you appreciate their hard work in the comments!

    JustJenna and the T-I Staff
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    Look what you did to my McCar! You McFucked it!


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      congratz GPaX , swiftdestiny and Sky_

      i'm sure you'll do great as mods and coder


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        @swiftdestiny & @GPaX Congratulations!

        You trully deserved the promotion! I am so proud of you!

        swiftdestiny nice birthday present ha? ;) Keep it up!

        GPaX I know that you will coninue you hard work as a moderator ;)

        @Sky_ thank you for all your help and congrats on becoming a Coder.

        Sam Harris


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          Grats to all. I hope you work even more harder now, hehe.
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            Congratulation on becoming T-I newest mods GPaX and swiftdestiny! also to our new coder Sky_ , more power T-I!


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              Huge congrats to all of you and welcome to the red team GPaX, SwiftDestiny, and Sky_ !

              Well deserved and great to see some new gmods after such a long time! Good luck with all your new responsibilities, and just ask if you need any help!

              Here's to all of you!
              *raises glass*

              Cheers, Trev :)
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                Great works for all staff


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                  Congrats to:
                  swiftdestiny (SWIFTY)

                  you guys have done alot for TI and the title well deserved
                  (since we know each other, am i auto immune from an infraction right? )

                  Keep Dreamin - Jenna
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                    congrats swiftdestiny


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                      Congratulations swiftdestiny, GPaX, and Sky_


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                        Congratz @swiftdestiny, @GPaX & @Sky_

                        Keep it up....
                        Special thanks to:linkboy


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                          Congratulations on the promotions swifty, GPaX and Sky_

                          Keep up the good work :)


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                            Congratulations, GPaX , swiftdestiny and Sky_.
                            And thank you,
                            GPaX and swiftdestiny,
                            for your guide and help, you two really deserve it.


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                              Congrats guys! Well done all of you and we're really happy to see your staff promotions swiftdestiny, GPaX & Sky_

                              I've worked with each of you and it's great to see you thrust into the limelight and take on bigger roles here. The entire site benefits from your hard work and dedication. I can only confirm F1member's pride in the job that swiftdestiny and GPaX have been doing for us in Intros. And I fully expect that Sky_ will continue to impress us with the coding projects, Radio page + everything else that we continue to throw at him too.

                              I think that I can safely say that the entire staff looks forward to working closer with all of you as we continue to build this site.
                              Enjoy the moment and I'll look forward to seeing your names show up in red on the forum.

                              Fortune and love favour the brave .-. Ovid ....