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Free seedbox for 48 hours (Xirvik)

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  • Free seedbox for 48 hours (Xirvik)

    We (Xirvik) are testing new hardware. We're offering free accounts that will run on it.

    The important things you need to know:

    - They are really free, and in fact they cannot be extended at all (we won't take your money)
    - The account with everything (data, metadata, any user info such as login) is deleted after 48 hours, no way to change that
    - Once your account is deleted you can get a new one (and then a new one, etc) as many times as you want, however you can only have one account at a time (please don't cheat, we want different people testing)

    Since it's a free product, in beta, we don't promise everything will work, but we're hopeful. If there's issues please get in touch, we'll work with you (if you want) to assist even if it's a free account. Just be polite when getting in touch Please use our contact form or send a direct email, don't DM in a forum - we just don't monitor them often enough to provide proper support.

    You can sign up here:

    Xirvik Servers

    When the server (singular indeed, we're starting the trial at a really small scale) capacity allows it the account is provisioned instantly.

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    Interested. I just signed for the tester. I was your client before and want to see what is this new program. Thank you


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      great interface and speed, I wish you could include a cheaper plan like $10 or something, all the features I need are there, this is by far the best seedbox I have tested.


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        Is it avaible yet?


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          Originally posted by GabryGabra View Post
          Is it avaible yet?
          Yes, it's always available.


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            Brilliant speed and easy user interface


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              sold out