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  • 1gbit Unmetered 100GB Storage | 4 day trial

    To celebrate the launch of our new plans, we are giving away 2 seedboxes to any member willing to do a review for us. We may even extend your trial if we like the review!

    All trials come with unmetered bandwidth, and are treated the same as our regular paid plans. To see our other plans, click here.

    Specs of the trial will be as follows:
    50GB + 50GB Bonus | Storage Space
    1gbit | Connection Speed
    Unmetered | Traffic
    4-8 Users per Server
    4 days | Duration

    In order to apply for this you must:
    1. Have at least 10% progress (make an introduction)
    2. Reply to this thread with a request for a trial
    3. (VIP ONLY) may PM me for a trial at any time
    4. You will receive via PM your redemption code
    5. Click here to go through the checkout process (put redemption code -> Coupon Code during checkout)
    6. Your seedbox will be activated within 12 hours.

    Note: We will have 2 trial boxes running at a time for this promo, which means that once another trial becomes available, a new candidate will be chosen.

    Free Trial Recipients (Trials Expire around 12PM EST)
    Username Link to review Expiry Date A/E
    sandmen 9.5/10 January 25
    Martins 9/10 January 25
    RedScorpion 10/10 January 27
    GabryGabra 10/10 January 27
    cc1cc1 9/10 January 27
    noAH78 10/10 January 30
    theLuigi 8/10 January 30
    GenTorrent Not yet available January 31
    stika Not yet available February 3
    hafijbd2 Not yet available February 14
    DRiFTKiNG 9/10 February 15
    gin101 9.5/10 February 26
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    Hello, I'd like to apply for a trial.


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      [MENTION=360759]Martins[/MENTION] your trial has been approved, please check your PM for more details.

      Don't hesitate to PM me should you have any questions about the service.


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        I apply for Seedbox GA.

        I will do a full review of seedbox in the Review Section.

        Thank you in advance


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          [MENTION=11451]RedScorpion[/MENTION] I have PMd you with the details to sign up for the trial! Let me know should you need any assistance.

          ** Added 1 more trial due to popularity


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            I apply for Seedbox GA


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              Hello, I'd like to try this service :)


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                Hello, I'd like to apply for a trial.


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                  @piters Please complete your introduction post and re-apply!
                  @GabryGabra check your PM for redemption code!
                  @cc1cc1 check your PM for redemption code!

                  At trial capacity for now, don't want to overwhelm our other users. Post below to be put on the waitlist for January 25. Thanks!
                  Last edited by SafeSeeder; January 22, 2017, 10:51 AM.


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                    Hi, I would like to apply when it will be available.


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                      Where should I write my review?


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                        [MENTION=360759]Martins[/MENTION] You can write it here please.

                        Thank you!


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                          Originally posted by SafeSeeder View Post
                          @Martins You can write it here please.

                          Thank you!


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                            [MENTION=360759]Martins[/MENTION] Much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the trial


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                              [MENTION=359588]theLuigi[/MENTION] Have PMd you the details to sign up for the trial!