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    Dude, if you didn't understand what i said, i will not waste time sayin it again. Keep playin fair like that, you'll go far.


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      Originally posted by Reload View Post
      Dude, if you didn't understand what i said, i will not waste time sayin it again. Keep playin fair like that, you'll go far.

      you just seem angry because you have not gotten your free seedbox lol i believe he has been more then fair with you and you keep going on and on about it


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        And u just seem to not read and understand as well lool


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          Originally posted by jackBox View Post

          If I have not responded by pm it is possibly because the system will not let me send more than 3 pm, if I ask an MP and it takes many hours to respond, I prefer to give a seedbox to other users who are waiting.

          I put a post I have no more seedbox trial, I'll have in 4 days and others have understood perfectly. Is this a gift!

          I told you you send me a pm, I told you not going to give a seedbox, users who sent me a pm I asked them to follow a few steps.

          Finally in the first post I put that I reserve the right to decide to whom I give a seedbox and who not.

          If you have any questions or more information, you can use the contact form, this post is to give seedbox when I'm available.

          Same thing happened to me....I sent a PM as directed with no response, and its been days. However, I understand the reason why you aren't able to send us PM's back. When you have more trials available I'd really appreciate a chance at testing it. Thanks!


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            Hi i need trial
            if you provide CAT will thank you


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              Hi all users, I want to explain what happened ...

              On Friday I had a motorcycle accident and have been admitted to the hospital a few days ... I left a few hours ago and now I'm working out everything that had slope and all users explaining what happened, but I'm so sorry it was an accident and have been admitted to the hospital, I am a responsible person but I could not do anything ... just ask forgiveness.

              Now if anyone has any questions you may download support Seedbones information.

              This is very imbarrasing but I prefer to tell the truth, if you need test seedbox please do so through the web in the contact carrier that will be working with servers and I can not spend much on the forum.

              Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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                any slot for standard plan plz ?


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                  Dear [MENTION=344444]jackBox[/MENTION]

                  are there any boxes left?


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                    I would like to apply for the standard box :) please and thanks a lot :)


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                      I wanna apply also for a standard sedbox if is possible !


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                        @jackBox do you have any more left? I would love to apply


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                          If available, I would like to try Advance Box - 1200GB


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                            I would love to try if there are any open trials.