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Debian/Ubuntu Dedicated Server Setup

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  • Can some one post a working link, I could really use such a tutorial.

    never mind the link works now


    • Ok i have no idea of this has been requested before and if i'm the 100th person asking but well, it are 40 pages atm so please humour me :P

      Is there a prequel version of this tutorial?

      I recently wiped my old pc (was extremely hard to do because i've used it for the last 6 years but it was just collecting dust sooo i finally kicked in the dban disk and just nuked the thing, no looking back) and i did find a few distros turning your comp into an instant dedicated bittorrent server (TurnKey for instance, i have no idea if it's any good though).

      My idea is to rip everything out except for the ram, motherboard and HDD(s) (and until i've installed everything the CD/DVD player :P) i'm pulling out the rest (video card, usb's, SD decks etc.) and i want it to use near to none power ofcourse,
      The entire top will come off and i'm buying a XXXXL stocking to full over it and catch dust ;).
      The only thing it will do is be a seedbox server and FTP for my friends/parents etc. to FTP stuff off of it.

      Soooo how to get started (or is Turnkey actually good enough) and how to keep the power consumption to a minimum.

      Any and all suggestions are welcome, just point me in the right direction and i'll figure it out :P.

      as a sidenote: The webgui can look better then the OS running it for all i care, after it runs it'll mostlikely stay running except for a reboot every now and then (rarely :P).

      _.-=' Special thanks to SiniuS for making me VIP and to Gblaze for graph work :)


      • Scoobie I'd like to take a question about your script.I found 2 of them. I used this one but I'd like to know what is the different. I found it but I don't know how to start every user's rtorrent.
        I talk about RINITD. I've used the original rtorrent initscript.Every user has an own initscript (/etc/init.d/rtorrent-user1).At the second script how does it work?
        May be it works this way (/etc/init.d/rtorrentuser1).Please confirm it if I'm right.Anyway thank you so much for the script. I like it.


        • For easy setup, I personally recommend Deluge torrent. (but mono-user). Easy to install and configure.

          On an headless Debian, it's perfect for me.

          If you need some help as well, I used to set up servers before, just ask or PM.


          • Hi all, OK, I really tried to make sense of this thread but there is soooooo much awesome information here "for me" it's like trying to find a pin in a pile of needles. :) I don't even know where to start. I am the first to admit I am not savvy when it comes to servers but I really need to stay within a budget for my second seedbox and the kimsufi special edition allows me to do just that.

            All I want to do is take a virgin kimsufi special edition server (with debian 6) and turn it into what I have at seedroots (rutorrent, ftp, etc) and maybe add a nice desktop system I can log into on the side and surf the internet through it. What do I need to add, and in what order?

            Thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me what tutorial steps to do. :)


            • great tutorial thank you


              • How to install please clonedvd? Im linux debian ...


                • What a great tutorial,can i install this in a Ubuntu distro as linux mint?