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    What is a Dedicated Server? A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting where the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone.

    What is a Seedbox? Is bittorrent terminology for a dedicated server that is used to upload and download torrents. Seedboxes are usually purchased by uploaders and torrent communities to get the latest content at high speeds.

    How do I use the dedicated server/seedbox? A Dedicated Server/Seedbox is very simple to use, once you have purchased and fully paid for the dedicated server/seedbox, the service provider will send you the following:

    * The Server IP Address
    * The Server Username
    * The Server Password

    Using these things you can log on to your server using remote desktop.
    You can download RDP
    (Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a multi-channel protocol that allows a user to connect to a computer running Microsoft Terminal Services.) You can access remote desktop on your Windows PC by going to:

    1. On your home computer, click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Accessories.
    2. In the Accessories menu, point to Communications, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.

    Then type the IP Address for the Server provided by the Hosting company, click connect and you will be taken to a log in screen, similar to the OS the server is running. Log in and that is it, you now have access to your server.

    SeedBox 2.dio

    Got an old clunker of a computer that?s just collecting dust? Why not turn it into your own BitTorrent seedbox! In this tutorial we?ll explain how you can transform an old shitbox into a seedbox. For those of you who know nothing about Linux (*.Nix), then this is a great solution to optimize that second unused PC. You?ll require nothing more than an old computer, a router/hub (and cables), and software to connect it to your main system. After the whole thing is configured, you won?t even need a monitor/keyboard/mouse on the old system.

    Getting Started / You Will Need:

    ? MS Windows (XP or Vista) is required on both machines.

    ? UltraVNC ? Download UltraVNC. Other install packages can be found on their uVNC homepage - scroll down to the bottom to browse the releases. UltraVNC needs to be installed on both machines.

    ? ?Torrent ? installed on the seedbox-to-be (spare computer).

    Hook up both computers via network cables to each other, through a router or hub. You?ll need a spare network card (or on-board motherboard NIC connection) for both. For this tutorial, you may be required to set up ?Windows Networking? to get the two computers connected to each other, although we did not require having to do this during our test run.
    *** Step 1 - Seedbox Installation ***

    1.1 ? Install UltraVNC on your soon-to-be seedbox (the spare computer). During installation, after a few clicks, you?ll get to a screen that asks "Which components should be installed?". You?ll want to select the "Full installation" or "Server Only". Ensure that the "Mirror Driver" is selected, as shown below.

    1.2 ? On the next screen, be sure to select "Register UltraVNC Server as a system service":

    1.3 ? Start the VNC service (if not already started) through the Start Button > All Programs > UltraVNC > Ultra VNC Server. You should see the program icon appear in the taskbar - double-click it to bring up the options. You?ll need to:

    * ? Enter a VNC Password under "Authentication". (this will be required for login on the main computer).
    * ? Select "Query on incoming connections" to ACCEPT.
    * ? Make a note of the port number (it?s 5900 by default). If you wish to change this, you can do so here.

    ? Don?t forget to click the "Apply" button to save your changes.
    *** Step 2 - Install UltraVNC on the Main Computer ***

    You?ll also need to install UltraVNC on the main computer, but this time during installation, select "Viewer Only":

    This will allow you to view and manage your seedbox; however, it will require a little more tweaking.

    If you use a router you may need to give your seedbox a static IP address. If you just use a small hub for connecting the two computers, you?ll likely be able to input the IP address (as it?s found). So, on the seedbox, visit and make a note of the IP address.

    Now, on the main computer, run the "UltraVNC Viewer" (from the Start Button?). Enter in the IP address of the seedbox, followed by a colon ( : ) and then the port number (i.e - 5900). Click Connect:

    If this worked correctly, you?ll be presented with a VNC Authentication popup screen, where you?ll need to enter the password that you supplied in UltraVNC on the seedbox (in Step 1.3):

    Once logged in, VNC should now launch and show you the exact screen that is being displayed on the seedbox. You now have total control of the seedbox through this window - this is the desktop:

    **If you are experiencing "lag" time on the connection (which you probably will), you?ll need to change your screen resolution on the seedbox (which we recommend you do anyways). Do this by right-clicking on the Desktop, and select Properties. Set your monitor to the lowest resolution and colour quality as possible - do this right through the VNC window if preferred (or go over to the seedbox and do it from there).

    Also note: If you have a firewall, be certain to allow port 5900.
    How to Send / Receive Files:

    In VNC Viewer, click on the "File Transfer" button. From here you?ll be able to send your completed torrents from your seedbox to your main computer.

    If you run into ?sharing? problems, you may also need to share your ?Torrent?s ?Download? folder to the network. To find this folder on the seedbox, click Start > Run? and type %AppData%uTorrent. Now, right-click the folder, and select Properties. Click the Sharing tab, and follow the instructions. (By default, you will NOT likely have to do this if you used the same settings from the above screenshot in Step 1.3).
    *** Step 3 - Configure uTorrent on the Seedbox ***

    Now that you?re able to control and manage your seedbox from your main computer, the next step is to install ?Torrent on the seedbox - if you intend to use private trackers, don?t use the beta version (use the current v1.7.7). Now, you have two choices here - you can simply run and control it via the VNC ?Viewer? window, or you can utilize ?Torrent?s Web UI feature, and connect to your seedbox directly from a browser. It doesn?t matter which approach you use, however, we recommend using Web UI through a browser, as it eliminates the "lag".

    After everything is set up, feel free to remove the mouse, keyboard and monitor from the old computer - you?re left with just a box - a seedbox!

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    Appreciate the efforts but please remove the link to Matrixhost cheap seedbox, because it's a scam, i tried it a couple of months ago paid 20 dollars and never had anything from them, i made a payment with paypal and couldn't get any refung because paypal doesn"t guaranty services only objects. The guy who runs that site is a total scammer.


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      you cant have a seedbox for free unless its a giveaway from it will be one for some hours not for 1 month or so.
      torrents before community should be what it's all about.


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        I actually have done this to my old computer, but i installed an ftp server for file transfer. I actually rent some seedbox's through different providers and use my old computer as a hub. I also set up utorrent on it with webui just in case i want to download with my own connection. So u can say its like a seedbox. I mean it has vnc, ftp server, utorrent, webui and basically thats it. I use my seedbox's i pay for to torrent and then I use ftp to get the files to my old computer for storage. Then when i want to watch them i use ftp to get them from my old computer to my main computer. The whole setup is just like a seedbox, but i use it as a media hub.


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          does this tutorial mean i dont have to pay for a seedbox?



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            Goo Ball, ummm.. no. You can make one of your PCs into a seedbox/dedi but it will still use the same connection that you are, so unless you have some crazy speeds, there really is no point for it.


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              lol I figured as much, but on the off chance I thought I'd ask. :(



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