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  • autodl-irssi filter samples

    After a day of struggle, my seedbox is up and running thanx to:

    now after reading couple of blog posts, I have a pretty good idea about, how autodl filter works. But I am not sure which particular combination of parameter works!!

    I was wondering if more senior members of the community share the configuration they are using on their boxes and we (noobs) can take cues from them (or maybe just reuse them), rather than reinventing the wheel.

    Looking forward to hear your success stories!!

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    I am definitely doing something wrong,
    I keep running out of space everyday.
    This seedbox is taking most of my time.

    And I have nothing to show for it, my IPT account does have some good upload, but I cannot do anything substantial for SCC and TL.
    In one day I pushed around 30 GB on SCC
    and around same on TL.

    Though on TL I had downloaded 25 GB to upload 30 GB so effectively I gained a net buffer of 5 GB.

    Things are just not working out!!!!
    In dire need of help!!


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      SCC does not have the same number of people grabbing the freeleech stuff as they do on IPT. So you have to be a little more selective.

      Exclude *dvd* would be my first tip.

      You might have to actually write individual filters for specific items.


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        I only get an average speed to 2-3Mbps from my 150Mbit dedicated box. And most of it is going to IPT.

        Any suggestions what to do!


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          I am a senior member of the platform and I can do this. The reason is that I will take money for the configuration on easy essay writer as we know that people are not suffering from the pandemic and they are making their skills better for it.


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