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DNS Setup in Webmin

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  • DNS Setup in Webmin


    I've used the automatic script provided in this subforum to setup a Ubuntu 12.10 with rTorrent, Webmin, RapidLeech...
    I was wondering if anyone could guide me on how to create a DNS or do what's needed to be able to access the server using a domain name instead of the ip address.

    I tried creating a master zone and already pointed the domain DNS to this IP (ns1) - just one ns1 unfortunately because a single ip given, but I wasn't been able to do this in Webmin.

    Alternatively, since I have another server with WHM/cPanel, would it be simple to host the domain there and just make it point to this server? What would be the procedure?


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    Go to DNS Management at where you bought your domain. Edit your A Records/Cname

    Add an A Record
    Host: * (remember you need the asterisk which acts like a wildcard)
    Answer: IP Address

    Save. All you need to do.


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