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Tutorial writers wanted (paid with seedbox service)

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  • Tutorial writers wanted (paid with seedbox service)

    We're looking for a few individual with writing skills, willing to spend some time writing tutorials on seedboxes.

    - Tutorials will be posted in our site ( but we don't want or need exclusive usage. The writer can post the tutorial here, in his own site, and so on, and he can sign the tutorial if he feels like it.
    - The writer must have good writing skills. The tutorials must be good, and this includes being well written (in English).
    - Video tutorials are very welcome. If you are able to create 3-5 minutes video clips showing how to do things, we really want you
    - You don't need to have previous tutorial writing experience. If you can show us a properly written article / blog entry / etc about anything, you're good.
    - Previous seedbox experience is not really needed (but it will take more time for you since you'll need to learn yourself first).
    - We will provide the seedbox service so you can write the tutorial. Initially you will get one week of service (at no charge - this is payment for the tutorial) so you can get started. This can be extended as you write more tutorials, or get more involved.
    - To you this should be a hobby. This means that other things is life take priority - exams, family, friends, other hobbies take precedence, so as long as you aren't a professional slacker this is a very relaxed activity.

    We've set aside a few servers for this. If you are interested, please PM us here. Send us links to something you've written (again, it can be about anything) or videos you have created and we'll check it out.

    We'll reply even if you don't quality.

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    Did send a PM but not much to show for in "already done material"; hope my other qualifications speak for itself.


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      Application sent via PM.thanks mate...