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  • Seedbox - The Guide !

    Got this from SuperTorrents :

    What is a Dedicated Server?

    A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting where the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone.

    What is a Seedbox?

    It is a bittorrent terminology for a dedicated server that is used to upload and download torrents. Seedboxes are usually purchased by uploaders and torrent communities to get the latest content at high speeds.

    How do I use the dedicated server/seedbox?

    A Dedicated Server/Seedbox is very simple to use, once you have purchased and fully paid for the dedicated server/seedbox, the service provider will send you the following:
    - The Server IP Address
    - The Server Username
    - The Server Password

    Using these things you can log on to your server using remote desktop.

    You can download RDP at: Download Here
    (Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a multi-channel protocol that allows a user to connect to a computer running Microsoft Terminal Services.) You can access remote desktop on your Windows PC by going to:

    1. On your home computer, click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Accessories.
    2. In the Accessories menu, point to Communications, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.

    Then type the IP Address for the Server provided by the Hosting company, click connect and you will be taken to a log in screen, similar to the OS the server is running. Log in and that is it, you now have access to your server.

    If you purchase a linux server, remember that there is no remote desktop on linux. In that case you have to login to your server via webadmin interface where the service provider will give you a web login to enter to your server control panel. If you wish to execute/install applications on your linux box, you need to use a SSH client such as PUTTY: Download Here and you can access your folders (create, delete, move, copy, paste) using ftp client in order to upload/download materials to/from your dedicated server.

    Hosting Companies


    The Following are my Top 5 Choices for Best Dedicated Servers.

    NUMBER 5: Shinjiru

    Offshore dedicated Hosting, these servers get great speeds, but not lately due to the natural disaster in Taiwan, so for the next couple weeks connection to North America wont be as good. But once repaired this server is one of the best ive used. Especially Since its hosted in Malaysia were there are no Copyright Laws big_smile

    If you want a reliable cheap server with peace of mind from police, etc Then Shinjiru is for you.

    Link: click Here

    Server: 3/5
    Network: 2.5/5 (normally superb speeds)

    Number 4: Vectoral.Info

    I personally havent used this company, but i have heard nothing but great things from them. They too offer cheap, reliable servers at competitive prices.

    Link: click Here

    Server: 3.5/5
    Network: 3.5/5

    Number 3: L A Y E R E D T E C H

    Hmm, layered tech one of the best server that i have ever used, i dont think there was a time i didnt max out my speed, with their 100Mbit i could easily reach 11-12 mb/s. They have a great turn around time, i got my server in less than 5, 6 hours.

    Link: click Here

    Server: 4.5/5
    Network: 5/5

    Number 2: S O F T L A Y E R

    This is probably one of the best server that i have ever used, Softlayer is the best of the best, nothing more to say, maxed out connections 24/7. Note Softlayer is the most expensive server ive purchased only because i upgraded to a higher bandwidth and network speed. You have got to purchase one to know how amazing their server and network is, the speeds are phenomenal and the service is phenomenal. This is why That POS site ScT!, FTN, FSC, all Top site uploaders and torrent sites purchase SoftLayer, because your getting what you paid for.

    Link: click Here

    Server: 5/5
    Network: 5/5

    Number 1: L E A S E W E B

    This is the best hosting company, why else would torrent sites such as TL and SCC host there. They provide excellent support and excellent dedicated Server service. They have top-notch servers with one of the best network, you will get great speeds no matter what.

    Link: click Here

    Server 5/5
    Network 5/5



    What is a dedibox?

    A dedibox(s) are dedicated server that are hosted by Dediboxes are dedicated servers that you have root access to but the network on which it is connected is shared. Dediboxes are connected to a supposed 300Gbit network, but due to the many subscribers, dediboxes which are advertised as 100Mbit Unmetered will only guarantee you 30Mbit Unmetered. The only time users report reaching 100Mbit Speeds is while connection to another user on the dedibox network. Resellers/Affiliates:
    (there are more, but these are the main resellers/affiliates)

    ? CPU VIA 2Ghz - 1024 MB RAM - Hard drive with a 160 GB capacity
    ? 100Mbit/Sec unmetered bandwidth.
    ? Several Operating systems available (Ubuntu-Server, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse 10.1, Mandriva, Gentoo 2006, CentOS 4.2, Slackware 10.2, FreeBsd, NetBsd, OpenBsd)
    ? Some desktop software (Ubuntu-Desktop Dapper, Kubuntu-Desktop Dapper, Xubuntu-Desktop Dapper)
    ? Unlimited technical support
    ? Remote manager
    ? 5Go Security Backup
    ? Own Server Monitoring
    ? automatic material diagnosis
    ? Rescue system

    29.99 ? /Month

    ? CPU VIA 2Ghz - 1024 MB RAM - Hard drive with a 160 GB capacity
    ? 100Mbit/Sec unmetered bandwidth.
    ? Several Operating systems available (Ubuntu-Server, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse 10.1, Mandriva, Gentoo 2006, CentOS 4.2, Slackware 10.2, FreeBsd, NetBsd, OpenBsd)
    ? Some desktop software (Ubuntu-Desktop Dapper, Kubuntu-Desktop Dapper, Xubuntu-Desktop Dapper)
    ? Unlimited technical support
    ? Remote manager
    ? 5Go Security Backup
    ? Own Server Monitoring
    ? automatic material diagnosis
    ? Rescue system
    45.00 ?/Month *Note Price Changes Often

    They advertise I Quote "All dedicated servers rented by our customers are located in the high-tech-metropolis Frankfurt, Germany." But after talking with a customer one selection of their servers are infact hosted in France, even while uploading and downloading a torrent their host name is shown as

    Dedicated Server M

    Hard disk: 80 GB
    CPU: Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz
    RAM: 1024 MB
    Traffic: UNLIMITED

    Price: 59.99 EUR / month


    Dedicated Server L eco

    Hard disk: 160 GB
    CPU: AMD Athlon64 3800+
    RAM: 1024 MB
    Traffic: UNLIMITED

    Price: 64.99 EUR / month


    Dedicated Server L

    Hard disk: 160 GB
    CPU: P4 3 Ghz HT Technology
    RAM: 1024 MB
    Traffic: UNLIMITED

    Price: 69.99 EUR / month


    Dedicated Server XL

    Hard disk: 250 GB
    CPU: P4 3 Ghz HT Technology
    RAM: 2048 MB
    Traffic: UNLIMITED

    Price: 79.99 EUR / month


    Dedicated Server XXL

    Hard disk: 500 (2 x 250) GB
    CPU: 6.0 Ghz Intel Xeon (2 x 3.0 Ghz)
    RAM: ECC 4096 MB
    Traffic: UNLIMITED

    Price: 149.99 EUR / month


    Processor: VIA C7 2.0 GHZ
    Disk space: 160GB SATA2
    RAM: 1GB DDR2 400MHZ
    Bandwidth: 100Mbps Unmetered
    Managed: NO

    Monthly - : $59.95
    No hidden costs, No setup fees, Free support
    30 Minute activation (When servers are in stock)
    Windows Server 2003 Web Edition: $20 / month
    Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition: $30 / month
    Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition: $45 / month
    DirectAdmin control panel available for Debian, CentOS & Fedora: $14 / month
    Additional HDD, RAID0 or RAID1 (Debian & Ubuntu only): $20 / month

    Full Root access.
    2 free OS reloads per a month.
    Rescue mode (A small network OS where you can make changes to the partition, OS, etc...)
    Automatic reboots via web interface.
    Web MRTG.
    *Note Windows OS is included

    France Unmetred Box
    100mbit Unmetred
    160gig hard disk
    1024mb DDR2 Ram
    VIA C7 2Ghz
    $100 Per Month

    Dual hard disk box
    100mbit Unmetred
    2x 160gb hard disk (Combined 300gb)
    1024mb DDR2 ram
    Via C7 2.0ghz
    $120 Per Month

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************
    Note: For all Dediboxes, fee apply if you want to run a Windows OS, they only provide linux OS free.

    Also note that these Dediboxes are not that strict about running torrents, but if they catch you due to excessive use or abuse of bandwidth they will close your dedibox without refund.

    Dediboxes also have random checks and police raids.

    Ive Had Dediboxinternationa, Bestofdata, GigaInternational and Dedihostplus, if you enable encryption and keep the bw below 3TB a month it gives you a better chance under to keep under the radar.

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    Re: Seedbox - The Guide !

    If you are French or Spanish i recommend OVH to you.

    Has gr8 servers at gr8 prices.

    Just see it


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      Re: Seedbox - The Guide !

      Anyone have any experiences on Hivebox?


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        Re: Seedbox - The Guide !

        i have no idea what any of that shit means lol. but im interested to learn more...i saw u can get the "seedbox" by referring 10 people. i've got that so what up lol


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          Re: Seedbox - The Guide !

          can someone give me a referral to hivebox? apparently both would get extra 20% bonus bandwidth


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            Re: Seedbox - The Guide !

            If you see a company with the name away!!! I have an seedox there and fore five days ago the whole dedimove server deleted. They have 3 ways to contact them. Telephone, mail and Irc. But, in the telephone you have to speak french,. I cold them and i told them in my bad english my problem. Then she say,in perfect english "you have to speak french to me". I tried one more taim to explain my problem, than she hang up!! Then, in an angry tone, I write an mail to them. This is five days ago and i have not get any replay. Then...they have an irc channel. I logd on. In the irc channel they have on they cold "DEDIMOVE",and one They cold DEDIBOX. DEDIMOVE fore english and DEDIBOX fore french speaking. In the irc it was an anonsement " The console is down fore a few hours" I say "helo", Nowone write back. Than i sad. "When will my server come back" After 3 hours someone wrote "tomorrow" Next day when i try to conect with my seedbox, it was still down. I logged in again and ask the same question. I wait 3-4 hours and i get back "tomorow" I write back to him and ask" When tomorow?" I didnt get any ansawer back.

            And ithe server is still down. Many people is in the irc and try to get help. I found a irc chat on the internet I wont to copy and past here, so you can realy see bad service:

            osted: I'm having a very bad experience with alias, I ordered a new server on the 30th may and i asked via mail more than one time about the delivery status, every time i get this reply from the support: Please wait a few days
            Today i tried to talk with the support on the chat and they kid me.... I haven't any word to say.

            this is the integral conversation (i didn't cut any words):
            *** Topic is - Official channel of - Look at the FAQ before ask your question - Support: [email protected] - Setup time : ~12 days - New dedimove soon... ! - Do a new webdesign for Dedimove and win a 6 months of free box !! -
            *** Channel mode is +sntrcf [5c#C5,5j#R5,20m#m5,5n#N5]:10
            <serverx> any admin in here ?
            <Scruffy> yes ?
            <Scruffy> HELLO
            <Scruffy> have a problem ?
            <serverx> yes
            <serverx> i ordered a new server from the 30 may
            <serverx> today
            <serverx> after 15 days im still waiting
            <serverx> i must open a dispute with paypal for have back my money or i can have this server ?
            <Scruffy> lol
            <Scruffy> wait a fews days
            <serverx> lol what ?
            <serverx> i paied for wait ?
            <Scruffy> or if you want, you can open a dispute with paypal
            <serverx> great
            <serverx> congratulation
            <serverx> very good beauvoir
            <Scruffy> but paypal will not refund ourselves anything
            <serverx> why will not refound me?
            <Scruffy> because we are completely within the delivery periods
            <Scruffy> because we not refund !!!!
            <serverx> where is the delivery period?
            <Scruffy> please read FAQ
            <serverx> let me see
            <Scruffy> Q - What is the delivery's time limit ?
            <Scruffy> A - The contractual time limit is about 40 days, but you should wait less than 5 days on average
            <Scruffy> 40 days
            <Scruffy> !!!! not 15 days
            <serverx> great very foxy
            <serverx> ok
            <serverx> i will write about this on and all the hosting community on the web
            <serverx> really congratulation !!!
            <serverx> REALLY
            <serverx> the contractual time must be written on the home page
            <serverx> musn't be hidden on the fax
            <serverx> faq
            <Scruffy> lol
            <Scruffy> ok
            <Scruffy> if you want
            <serverx> and pls don't think that all customer are stupid
            <serverx> i wrote 3 times
            <serverx> and always i get this reply: pls wait few days
            <serverx> it's better write
            <serverx> wait 40 days
            <serverx> or not ?
            <Scruffy> to go calms you
            <serverx> for what ?
            <Scruffy> it is delivery BEFORE 40 days
            <serverx> if it's like this
            <serverx> i must know the exact date of that delivery
            <Scruffy> one do not can, it according to returned of stock
            <Scruffy> ok
            <serverx> ok what ?
            <Scruffy> ok it is all
            <serverx> ok i copied this conversation
            <serverx> i will post it on WHT
            <Scruffy> we are afraid there
            <Scruffy> it is not you who will make our reputation
            #dedimove 1172149594
            You've been kicked out of #dedimove by DediMove (Good bye my lover!)



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              Re: Seedbox - The Guide !

              going to recommend, been using them for a week now. great service.


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                hi can any one tell about ovh uk provider. How to get server from them..



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                  Where is Leaseweb hosted? Thanks for the great info.


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                    Have used OVH for a while, can only say great things about them... great upload / download speeds (11MB p/SEC) and very very fair on price! :)


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                      good guide, but there is something LIKE rdp for linux. vnc or even X11 ssh forwarding. you just have to have an xorg server, a wm and a vncd / sshd running on that machine.


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                        Great info mate.....but im still a little lost. Once you connect to the remote host, then what? How do you go about uploading and downloading torrents?
                        Member of
               * RevTT * TL * Bitmetv * SCC * SCT


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                          Yeah, I was wondering what those things were. Interesting, but quite expensive. Laying 100 bucks a month, on some, is real pricey.