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    Backstory of a noOB

    1: First I started with (Ultraseedbox/USB) letís just say nope, support was terrible as in up to 2 days waiting for a reply.
    2: I moved to and theyíve been ok! Decided to move to a new provider. "Had my reasons"
    3: After over 48Tabs open & confusing myself I scoured the web for best deals/price etc.
    4: Got In Touch with and was offered the deals below.

    We can do 2Gbit servers, but that price would be massively different, you would be looking at something like this:
    Intel E3-1240v5 (3.5-3.9Ghz, 4C/8T)
    16 GB DDR4 EEC
    Storage: 4x4TB 7200rpm
    Uplink 2x 1 Gbps
    50TB Bandwidth (nForce Class1)
    Total cost; Ä150 per month (£138)

    We do not offer trials for that Iím afraid.

    5: I went with this Option & the thing is 50TB can appear bad but thatís only for outgoing Data. And thereís a small fee option if you want to add another 50TB.

    6: As I said I am a noOB compared to 90% of you guys but the support from ďDaniel WalkerĒ has been second to none it really has. Heís so busy but tickets have been replied to within minutes and he keeps me updated with what heís doing on the server to squeeze even more performance he can out of it. "Don't think that's possible"
    7: Uploads within seconds have met the total file size by the time 2-5% is done.
    8: 1st Link I have shown I havenít even left running and paused them as Iíve been cleaning up data from another server (
    But on other screens, I have rtorrent running as well
    Streams Plex/Emby 4K/UHD perfect
    GUI = 10/10
    Ticket Response 10/10
    Tweaks you ask for 10/10
    Here are a few screenshots.
    1st Mine
    2nd Screenshot from Anon user on
    1: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    1b: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    1c: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    1d: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    1e: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet


    Was already inquiring about but huge thank-you to "TheDarkKnightR" for confirming how reliable they are and what great service from them you get. " "
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