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    Speed: 1Gbit upload from 50 Mbps to 1Gbit

    Support: excellent
    GUI: rtorrent, deluge, transmission
    Speed of GUI: very Fast
    Package: SB-25
    Price: 9.5
    Overall rating: 10/10

    I'm user of THE SEEDBOX COMPANY since June 2013, and since I'm not looking for other seedbox, sure for less of this price you will get lots of services, but you will not get this quality service. Payment, setup is immediately, basically after payment you can use account immediately, will take some to configure name, but this is time for domain, but account by ip you can use just after payment. The box is shared with max 5 people.

    For the 9,5 euro you will get, ruttorent, owncloud - (Nextcloud), file manager, unlimited sub domains, FTP account, phpMyAdmin account, VPN, WebDav (HTTP)
    If you pay addition many you will get much more apps, like PlexMedia server, Dropbox and VNC.
    Basically this is not just
    seedbox, easily it can by hosting your web.
    The suport is fast and will solve the problem in time. During so many years of using this service I diid not find any problems, I can confirm that service is profesional and you will get highest standard seedbox.
    The Seedbox Company is making improvement all the time, you will see every few months you will get additional application like recently added -