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  • Seedbones Review

    Name: Seedbones Gold Plan
    Speed: 1Gbps
    Support: 10/10
    GUI: 9/10
    Speed of GUI: 9/10
    Package: 9/10
    Price: 8/10
    Overall rating: 9/10

    • 1600 GB HDD
    • 1Gbps Bandwidth
    • rTorrent + ruTorrent
    • Deluge - ownCloud*
    • OpenVPN
    • Paris, France


    I got to try out this seedbox for a few days, and it was mostly excellent. Support was excellent and I always got instant replies. Now some of the site was in French and not translated into English but it was still very usable without the need of any translators, and they say they are working on it so this should be fixed. The best thing about this plan is of course the big disk space which means you can add a lot of torrents. This was able to handle a lot of torrents just fine. If you add too many at once, it may crash but the option to restart rtorrent is easily accessible and shouldn't be a problem. I was able to get speeds of upto 34 MB/S and about 6 MB/S consistently (even days after adding torrents) - due to the disk space you can seed a lot of torrents, and that means that at any time at least some of them will be uploading. Overall I think it's a good choice if you want to seed a lot of torrents, but it is definitely not cheap.

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    Name: Seedbones
    Speed: 1 Gbps (observed by me : 100-120 MBPS for Dn | 50-90 MBPS Up)
    Support: never need to use but setup was nearlly instant with helpfull followups.
    Speed of GUI:10/10
    Package: Gold Box
    Overall rating: 9.5/10

    so i tried the monster sized box from seedbones and i must say its more than what promised , i nearlly build avg1-2 Tb ratio/day with this monster box. main part i like that CPU rarelly touches 100% reagrdless how badlly i used it (ask vendor lol) . the only thing i would like to see is ability to see remainnig diskspace within rutorrent than this would be a perfect box if you have good budget.


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      Name: Seedbones
      Package: Standard box
      Speed of the connection:
      Deluge + rutorrent
      Speed of GUI:
      Price: 5 Days Trial for Free (8.99 per month for regular package)
      Overall rating:

      First of all, Thank you our T-I user jackBox for giving me a trial account for 5 days. I think I am the second or 3rd person who got a trial box from him.

      Lets move on to my experience on Seedbones. In the beginning I used rutorrent and speeds were at about 60MB/s up and down for latest torrents. I must tell you that I'm talking about fresh torrents which has been added about a minute or two ago to trackers. So the speed and peers are tend to max out my seedbox connection. Then I used deluge and speeds were like 60MB/s down and 110MB/s up. I was amazed and posted on giveaway thread to let me know if jackBox need a review.

      *But then after day or two, processor usage of my seedbox stayed almost at 100% all the time. Does not matter whether I use rutorrent or deluge, CPU usage stayed at 100%. Connection slowed down to about 2MB/s - 5MB/s down and about 2MB/s to 3MB/s up. Does not matter what torrent I add, it was all the same. I think these small servers are over packed with lot of users or has weaker processor power to share among its users. Because those who got larger servers has no such problem according to previous 2 reviews that I see on this thread.

      All other things are okay. Support is great. they're friendly, supportive and responded me very fast. Both GUIs load faster but took a while after 2 days of use.

      I would recommend this seedbox if they fix this processor and connection issue. If those two problems remain, then think again before you buy standard boxes from them.


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        cies server CPU was at 100% because there has been a problem of saturation, but already solved.
        It was a minor and for users who have that server then you can check the server name problem surfaces, check if someone wants to send me a ticket of information on the web and you can check that the cpu works properly now.



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          Is Seedbones down? I can't even access at the moment. Nothing but problems since the start with these guys...

          EDIT: I'm guessing they did go out of business. Their email address doesn't even work anymore. They happily took a payment from me just before disappearing.


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            Yea zero explanation or notice.


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              Unbelievable. I lost all my content as they disappeared. What a terrible company.