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  • SeedItFor.Me Review

    Link: Gbit Seedboxes - Hosted with Leaseweb
    Speed: 10/10 1Gbps
    Support: 9/10 Great support.
    GUI: 10/10 Rutorrent
    Speed of GUI: 10/10
    Package: GBit Small (400GB)
    Price: 20
    Overall rating: 10/10

    I have been using SeedItForMe for around 1 week since DTSLEECH went down. I needed a provider that had the speeds and the HDD space without breaking me. SeedItForMe is slightly more expensive but I'm also getting more.

    I've consistently gotten 80MB/80MB on new TV Show releases and well seeded torrents, the speeds are just great. You can also access files via FTP (SSL) or (secure) HTTP (if requested) which is very nice.

    I've had a few requests for some random ruTorrent plugins to be added and they were added very quickly. Most emails are answered almost instantly and the support is very nice and helpful.

    Some of the advanced settings inside the ruTorrent interface are gone but it hasn't posed a problem for me yet. I sent an email to support and I was told if I had any special customization's to be made just let them know and they could make them for me.

    This provider has given me what I need for a reasonable price. If you're looking for a good box to start out with then I highly suggest these guys. This only my second box and I'm very satisfied.