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How does a seedbox work?

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  • How does a seedbox work?


    I've been wandering this for a long time, but How exactly does a seedbox work?
    I've never used one before but the thing I understand is that you can upload much faster with it. The reason I want to know more about it is because I've mentioned that a lot of people are using them and giving it away for some period. I want to know if it's interesting for me to get a seedbox (only if it's just for a small period).

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    If u using uTorrent right now, seedbox is the same (for ruTorrent). Just the speed is incredible! (100mbps/1GBps)

    No complicated thing in seedbox, if its occur, just ask here. Dont worry


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      A seedbox is a PC with a fast internet connection in a datacentre. 100mbps+.

      You download/upload the .torrent file to your seedbox, open it in the torrent client on the seedbox, and the seedbox does all the uploading and downloading, much faster than you could from home.

      You can then, if you wish, download the files from the seedbox but most seedboxes are used for buffering, not so much downloading things.

      There's also the added bonus that anyone looking at the swarm doesn't see your own IP address, only the seedbox's.


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        From SBoxes website:
        Definition of a seedbox: A seedbox is a server, with a purpose of uploading and downloading torrents at very high speed, 10mb/s is not uncommon with speeds peaking even higher, which can the be downloaded to your home computer at your maximum internet speed without any of the throttling that you would experience with the bittorrent protocol. Seedboxes are very easy to use and especially useful when trying to maintain a good ratio on private torrent trackers.


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          Well as they have already defined seedbox i just want to add some of my point to show how having a seedbox will help you in p2p world...

          Well seedbox have many advantages over your home connection..
          1.Oviously you can maintain a good ratio.
          2.If you have a limited bandwidth then it is the best thing.As bandwidth is a sum of upload and download so it is best to download with all...EG. like if you are downloading from a private tracker and want to maintain a ratio of 1.So your Bandwidth is like 60GB a month you can only download for 30GB and upload 30Gb...that's where seedbox help now as you are using FTP from seedbox there is no need to upload you can direactly download 60Gb of files....ha ha
          3.It is safe to use as you are not downloading from the site directly.

          I hope this help you in taking the decision and if you want to know more I will try to help... ;)
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          <3 to all My friends here and thx to all who helped me..
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            A seedbox is a private dedicated server ( you're the only user on a server ) or a private shared server ( there are more users on a server, including U ) used for uploading and downloading of digital files, in fact, for p2p file transfers. Seedboxes generally make use of the Bittorrent protocol for uploading and downloading. Seedboxes are usually connected to a high speed network, often with a throughput of 100 Mbit/s, 200 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s... this speeds are in most cases simetric which means, for example, that 100 Mbit/s connection applies not only to your download speed but to upload speed as well, which is not the case with your home connection... In the near future, offering a 10 Gbit/s connection will be quite normal...

            How it works ? Files from other users, using a Bittorrent protocol, are being downloaded to a seedbox and then they are being seeded/uploaded to other users @ high speeds... files which are located on your seedbox you can always transfer ( download ) to your personal computer using HTTP, FTP, SFTP or rsync protocols...

            Seedboxes can run on most major operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac OS X...

            Some seedbox providers offer VNC access to your server or some other remote desktop protocols/options, allowing U to run many popular clients remotely. In many cases, you get VNC access only if U purchase some more expensive seedboxes but some providers give U VNC access even if take the cheapest seedbox ( check out SeedBox4U for example... I'm not advertising them, to be clear :001_smile: ) Seedboxes were created for special purpose so they are run on a torrent specific software including web interfaces of popular clients like Transmission, rTorrent, UTorrent and TorrentFlux... Currently, I would say that the most popular interface is UTorrent but I think that will be changed soon... Some seedbox providers make their own modified versions of existing interfaces...

            all what was written above basically explains what seedbox is and what is its purpose... there are some details which U will find out by yourself if U enter a seedbox world

            p.s. I've used some parts from wikipedia...


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              Wow thank you all for the reply's I think I get the point now. Maybe it's a good idea to take part of a shared seedbox GA to check out how it works in practice..


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                Yes thats the good tutorial


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                  You answered some question I didn't know i had :) thanks
                  JustJenna, TankGirl, Forbidden have passed muster ;)
                  Thanks to CerealGOAT for introducing me to Seedboxes and Mastercox for Avatar
                  And to add iGiver and when appropriate.


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                    Originally posted by YourDChanceL View Post
                    Maybe it's a good idea to take part of a shared seedbox GA to check out how it works in practice..
                    in my experience, shared seedbox ( 100 Mbit connection ) is good to start with and it's more than useful to make a nice buffer, escpeacially @ trackers where seeding is easy... dedicated server is good to use when U want to make buffer @ trackers where seeding isn't so much easy like BitMeTV, TranceTraffic...


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                      I've been trying to figure out the above info on my own, but I have to ask. So does the connection of the seedbox differ from what your ISP gives you? Where would you put a seedbox? Can it be in your home? Is it expensive? Sorry if the questions seem repetitive I'm just curious. Thanks!


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                        well they are special lines of 100mbit or can set it anywhere normally in country where internet is cheap I guess or atleast special lines...

                        well it is expensive but when you are giving it out and getting more cash it's business you are investing in....

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                          A seedbox is a server which runs a torrent program. The speeds are generally much faster than your home connection. The servers are located in datacenters around the world, but mostly France and Germany. The prices differ greatly. You can rent a shared server, where the whole server is divided amongst users. These aren't too expensive, they can usually be found for around $20 a month. On the other hand, you could rent a whole server for yourself. Cheaper ones can be found for a little more than $50 a month, while others can be closer to $200.

                          The server is not located in your home, but it is set up so you can access it from anywhere in the world through a web browser.

                          I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, just post em. We'll help :)


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                            You can access it anywhere in the world meaning anywhere where there is an internet connection right? So it only runs a torrent program and does nothing else? You can't use it's speeds for things like say web browsing?


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                              well m8 it is a system and if you have VNC you get the full contol you can upload download.browse use chat client ,etc approx everything....

                              just imagine a system away from your home and you can see the screen and click anywhere you want... it has good speed though...oh and you need internet to connect to it...

                              my advice try a seedbox you will understand a lot about it in no time...

                              <3 to all My friends here and thx to all who helped me..
                              I am more awesome than ScottK .