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Civil marriage - now a wedding marriage in the philippines, need help

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  • Civil marriage - now a wedding marriage in the philippines, need help

    I am a Filipino by birth, now a Canadian citizen. My wife is a Filipina who was born now on a permanent basis. We had a civil marriage in the USA, then I successfully sponsored her.
    We are currently planning a wedding in the Philippines
    Where/who can I contact about what documents we need to provide in order to be admitted to a church wedding?
    Thank you in advance!

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    You can try to contact a lawyer, or directly to the registry office


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      I am delighted for you and for your decision to get married in church. I think that it is the promise to God that truly legitimizes any relationship. Rest assured that you will be doing well in your marriage after your ceremony. I would turn to lawyers or directly to the agency that will arrange your wedding regarding your question. In my case, these were the guys from They helped me find their services according to my requests and best of all, they have very reasonable prices for such a fantastic service. I will remember my wedding for the rest of my life, as everything was wonderful without unexpected unpleasant surprises. Good luck to you and your wife!


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        I think you do not find good service. It is a simple reason. I deleted my accounts may times until I find this site go now. When I found it, I think it is one more dating site no more no less, but I decide to rick. I was so surprised about this site. I do not want to write about all features if you want, you check! have a good time!


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          Not so long ago I did a wedding and my holiday was just wonderful! I used wedding tips on this site and it helped me fix mistakes in the preparation of the celebration.


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