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Anyone in contact with SeedRoots lately?

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  • Anyone in contact with SeedRoots lately?

    I'm a very long time user of seedroots seedboxes. Service has always been good. Maybe a little slow here and again, but good. I'm on a quarterly plan and don't really check the torrents very often.

    Three days ago I noticed the server was down (no access, no ping) and opened a ticket. Still no response and it's time to pay the next invoice. Has anyone been in contact with SeedRoots lately. Is anything wrong. I'm sure they'll make good on my current situation, I just hope they're still around, because they've been a great provider.


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    Read the other seedroot thread for the tragic news.

    Get yourself a new server, nothing malicious going on here just a whole ton of bad luck.
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      RIP Lardo :*(


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        I deleted my posts inquiring about what happened after finding the original thread that explained this awful news. I'm so sorry to hear of this. I was always treated promptly, with respect, and a great sense of humor in the many years I worked with Lardo. Very sad indeed.