So I just got into trying my first seedbox for the first time this week. I got shared seedbox from rapidseedbox, and I have been a little disappointed. The speed for download are about 4 to 5 mib/s at best and downloads are 3mib/s at best. On a torrent that is well seeded it took me a couple of hours to download an 80 mb file and uploaded only about 250mb for that torrent after more then 12 hours.

So my main goal is to have a great ratio in private trackers. So I am debating between two service from

HHD: 500 SSD
Server type:Shared
connection 10 gbps
Bandwith: 24 TB
Cost: 35 euro


HHD: 2000GB
Server type : Dedicated
Connection: 1gbps
Bandwith 100TB
Cost: 44 Euro

For really good speeds which of these seedboxes would you recommend? I need good download speeds but also good upload speeds. Bare in mind I have no server experience and I am totally new to this

I tried contacting, its been a few days and have not heard back from them. For those of you who are with them, do they have a bad customer service?