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  • Seedbox location

    Hi all,

    at this moment I have a seedbox at I have always been and still am very happy with their services but I have a question regarding the location of the server I'm using. Over the course of the past few months dutch enforcement groups have been cranking up their game against torrent ussage. And although I myself am not located in the Netherlands, my server is.

    I was wondering, should I re-locate to another location for my server, such as Canada or something else? Or shouldn't I be to worried. I only use private trackers and only connect to my seedbox via VPN.

    I would be grateful for any info or opinions.

    kind regards

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    Where have you found this info about the dutch enforcement groups?

    I've only used servers from the netherlands the past years and I don't see any issue to continue with that. I would think the dutch enforcement groups are more looking for uploaders at public torrent sites, such as the pirate bay, rarbg, kat etc etc..


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      One of my dutch friends send me the article, but it's in dutch. But I'm guessing torrentfreak will have an english version on it in the next day or so.