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VPS instead of seedbox?

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  • VPS instead of seedbox?

    I don't use my VPS for torrenting because I do not want to get the vps IP tied to my real IP address (I even use tor to ssh) , but I would imagine it's possible to use a cli torrent client and transfer files through scp, or just install a web gui. Wouldn't this be a lot cheaper than buying seedboxes? And you can use the server for other stuff too, like Plex and so on.

    Most VPS don't offer much disk space, but some offer a lot. Almost all of them offer 100MBs+ upload and download speed.

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    It's very good if you can buy for a life a server with about 1000 euros..and configure with 10 TB space ..and that's all the past i have uploaded with a server with this configuration about ..1 PB ? wtf..