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Who can effortlessly stream 4K content with Plex (ideally, with encrypted rclone)?

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  • mkov
    Are you encrypting the content on your seedbox, or on something like ACD?
    I'll assume, you are encrypting on ACD, OD. etc...

    Yes, you can absolutely do it reliably, but there are lots of factors:

    Your connection, of course. I'll assume it is fast. Also consider the latency between the seedbox and the storage, as well as between you and the seedbox.

    Your Seedbox. I use Rapidseedbox, and have no problems at all.

    Available resources on your seedbox. That is, if you are hammering the CPU and RAM with seeding, etc. then there is not much horsepower to decrypt and stream back to you.

    I use my seedbox to handle all the files, as fast as leeching, seeding, encrypting, and copying to ACD. I also have have an Intel NUC at home, which has a secondary installation of Plex on it. I have an idential copy of my EncFS on the NUC, and have everything from my ACD mount mirrored to it. By doing this, I take the load off the seedbox for decrypting and acting as a middleman in streaming, and srram directly from ACD to my NUC. But the seedbox is managing all the content that is there.

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  • Who can effortlessly stream 4K content with Plex (ideally, with encrypted rclone)?

    I want to avoid using Plex Cloud even though it works well because I do want my content encrypted. Anyone have any recommendations, rclone or not, of a provider that can 4K stream with Plex no issue (and quickly)?