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rTorrent such a waste of time, terrible client

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  • rTorrent such a waste of time, terrible client

    I've been using seedboxes more and more recently, month after month. I'm currently with at the moment. It seems very good it's about the best I can find really, had some bad experiences previously with another company that I won't even bother to mention. I joined back in November. I'm pleased with the service overall, it's very good. Huge disappointment with rTorrent though, I don't know what went wrong with that client, I can't even get it to work anymore with my torrents so I had to give up. The good thing with is that they allow you to use other clients so I've been using deluge. I like the settings for deluge it's pretty good but the thing is I can never seem to get it going at full speed no matter what I try. I calculated that by running the upload at about 39.1Mb/s (390 meg) that every month I will have used all my allowance up which is 100TB. I have deluge set to that limit at the moment but with deluge can't seem to manage more than 30Mb/s on average. There's always that quarter or so of the speed that it doesn't seem to use which is annoying really even though the users are there waiting to download all the time.

    I can't even get rTorrent working anymore. I use Demonoid and Pirate Bay and usually when I make a torrent I just put the current announce for Demonoid into the torrent and then create it. I don't go adding all different announces to the torrent. Usually when I upload to Pirate Bay it usually uses the default announces which don't seem to do a lot of good in my eyes. I tend to find that a lot of the connections either come from DHT or Peer Exchange. The trouble with rTorrent is that it don't seem to work with Peer Exchange or DHT it's crap really. Deluge seems to work okay with DHT and Peer Exchange but trouble is you can only have so many torrents running at once with it and it seems to queue things up a lot and just uploads here and there. To be honest I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore I've managed to find a setting for deluge where I queue up about 70 torrents, it doesn't actually get anywhere near that usually mid 20's for actual upload. Also I set about 35 connections at one time maximum. This seems to be the best I can manage to run it on. If I have too many connections then I lose massive upload performance. It is really frustrating really trying to get it as fast as possible. rTorrent just doesn't do anything at all these days I asked them at if they would reinstall rTorrent for me because I thought I was having a problem but they told me that it was just the way it was working with my torrents which is strange because I used to get rTorrent working just fine on my old Seedbox provider.

    I just don't know where to go really at the moment. I like, the prices are reasonable. The support well I wouldn't say it's all that great really I just feel usually like avoiding trying to open a ticket now because otherwise I will just be given pointless or useless advice in most cases and also with the language barrier it's a wonder if those guys even understand what I'm talking about anyway. It's a bit of a catch 22 situation really. I just think that rTorrent is a really crap client, it does nothing for me. It's useless on DHT and Peer Exchange and doesn't even connect. My only hope is using deluge. Another annoying thing about rTorrent which is crap also is that there's no queue settings either so you can't configure that. At least with deluge it's easier to set your upload limit where as with rTorrent you have to log into the server using Putty and enter lines of code to enable the client to run Channels properly otherwise Channels is useless. Without Channels you can't even configure rTorrent at all to limit your upload to make sure you don't overspeed all the time and go above your allowance. I hate all that traffic shaping as it can go on for days. They tell me the month starts on the 1st of each month. He told me the other day I'd used almost all my 100TB he said I was about 5TB off 2 days before the end of March. I'm not sure if I believe that though I think he was just making that up to make me feel like I'd uploaded loads. To be honest I don't think I did at all cause the client wasn't going anywhere near full upload speed most of the time so that was probably a lie.

    There's no graph with deluge either so like in rTorrent where you can see how much you're uploading and downloading you can't see anything in deluge other than what you've uploaded on each torrent. I keep pausing torrents every few days, ones that have uploaded more overall. I do that to try and get everything seeding it's not always easy and plus if there's not such a massive pull on those weaker torrents then they just sit there and do nothing really. The stuff that's more uploaded is usually more favoured to upload more and more. The weak stuff sometimes I wonder if people have even downloaded them at all. They said at that running deluge as a permanent client is not recommended usually they said in the long run you should run rTorrent but I don't know about that, again more useless advice really coming from their support team. I don't see the harm what client you choose. If rTorrent won't connect to DHT and Peer Exchange then it's completely useless to me because that is what keeps my torrents running. I only make Public torrents not into Private to be honest, never wanted to join any private torrent sites, I don't like how these places are run I've heard of people saying that Private trackers have too many rules. I just like the idea of Public torrents where you just upload and that's it, no silly rules, whether I upload to Public or Private I don't really see the difference it's all the same to me. Demonoid bounced back more recently, just seems so unpopular to what it used to be. I get lots of downloaders from Pirate Bay it's just hard sometimes getting torrents to upload to that site, best to use a VPN really and try different countries to see which one works the best.
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    It seems that the rtorrent installation is having problems. If is denying this, then may be they do not want to go through any extra hassle. But still try restarting the server. Also, you are telling that deluge also hits a max of 40MBps. (400Mbps) Now, that is definite indication that something is not right. Because on a 1Gbps (I am assuming) you should be able to hit 105-110 MBps quite frequently. And you can expect to see around 60-80 MBps consistent speeds. I had a server with seedhost and I always maxed out the connection at 1Gbps. Looks like there is a problem with the box.


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      I took your advice on board and I've contacted them again just before and I've asked them to reinstall it so they did and it seems it reinstalled again now.

      I've just added quite a few torrents, I'm not sure what's happening really with rTorrent, it's just file checking at the moment. It's a brand new fresh version of rTorrent now but it still doesn't seem to be doing anything the torrents appear to be red at the moment.

      They are all supposed to be on udp announces for Demonoid but non of them seem to work. At least in rTorrent it just says usually that it can't connect to UDP tracker. I remember going back at least about 3 months ago it used to say that it was connecting I'm not sure. I don't know what's gone wrong with Demonoid anymore, I know they've had problems now for the last number of weeks but I wouldn't have thought this would happen.

      I've been uploading in deluge, like I was earlier on I just shut down deluge for a while to see what happens if I start from scratch again with rTorrent instead. But as far as I see right now I don't see it doing much at all that's why I said it's just such a terrible client. I've had more luck with deluge these last many weeks.

      Probably knowing my luck I might have to revert back to deluge again if that's the only client that actually connects for me. Also about the speed business yes I know what you mean it's all very well having such a fast and great speed but when you're uploading all the time 24/7 it does get a bit much to be going at speeds like what you're talking about that's why I limit down to 39.1Mb/s because that is the speed that will allow a constant flow of traffic while at the same time not going over my allowance of 100TB per calendar month. I only pay about 84 euros per month including vat. I don't think there's any seedbox provider that is offering to allow anymore bandwidth over a constant period for less than 84 euros per month. My last provider he told me that bandwidth is very expensive and that's what people pay for, to have such great speed yet you're paying for the opportunity to do that. I don't think anybody is going to tolerate more than that no data centre in the world would allow you to abuse such connectivity for such little money, certainly not over 100TB.


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        My seedbox also offers Dulge... Never tried to set it up cause the rTorrent client seems to be working awesome. I have 0.9.6 installed with ru v3.5 as the front end. I hit 110MB/s + up and down frequently depending on the popularity of the torrent. I'm not on seedhost, and when i get involved in a seedbox pissing match on a new torrent, someone on (and sometimes feralhost) seems to always beat me...

        Most likely, it's the popularity of the torrents you are uploading, and not your seedbox setup... As far as the client sitting there and checking files, thats normal for every client when you first dump a downloaded file into them.


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          I was right all along. rTorrent is really bad, it's rubbish actually. I'm going to have to ditch that client now. I tried again for the don't know how many times now earlier on. Again it did nothing at all it was just a complete waste of time with rTorrent I might have well have stuck my head in a bag of sand for all the good it would have done me.

          I've had to return to deluge, rTorrent is just a load of crap simple as that. I doubt I'll ever try it again now otherwise I will just waste more and more time on this piece of crap.

          Also it's not my torrents my torrents have been very popular now for quite some time. Like I said it did work on rTorrent at one point but that was about 3 months ago now and since then it's done nothing. I'm having more luck now with deluge. Even a complete rTorrent installation did nothing either. I have hundreds and hundreds of downloaders all the time on my torrents and some are very popular. People just feed off them all the time a bit like sharks at a lunch.


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            rtorrent is actually quite good, I use it myself with no issues, as well as deluge.