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  • Rutorrent Error Message Help

    Hi Guys,

    Been using RTorrent with rutorrent as interface for a while now with no issues. My setup is a Kimsufi Box, running as the Seedbox and also Plex server.

    Everything has been working fantastically - well for about six months now...The odd restart has fixed any issues I've had previously.

    Went onto the box today on rutorrent and i'm getting the error

    Bad response from server: (500 [error,getplugins]) Internal Server Error

    I've not changed any settings or anything like that. I have read google and the forums and can't really find an answer. rtorrent is running and working in screen on ssh plex server is up and working I'm stumped as to what could have happened? I don't mess around in the settings - Once it worked I left it alone!

    Anyone got any ideas?


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    Maybe they changed their server's rtorrent plugins and one of them is a faulty plugin.