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Suggestions For a Seedbox with Dedicated ip (ard 20-25 Euros)

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  • Suggestions For a Seedbox with Dedicated ip (ard 20-25 Euros)


    Anyone can recommend me one seedbox that has a dedicated ip and good speed?


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    We do offer dedicated IPs for all of our premium slots hosted in NL, they are only available on request though so a ticket have to be put in to have it setup.

    Dedicated IP comes at the cost of 2 a month.

    We stand by our products which is also why we are backing it up with a full 14 day moneyback guarantee.

    Best regards


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      Send me PM, we have vary plans that may suits your need..


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        20-25 euros - you should just get a kimsufi 2tb and then use one of the scripts in the tutorial section. Will take you less then 15 minutes to setup and you'll have much more than any seedbox company will offer.
        In fact SoYouStart has removed it's setup fees for may so you should go with them, 20 euros will get you have a 4tb server and a dedicated 250 mbps line. The main problem with them usually is the 45 setup fee.


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          I will also suggest you to go with SYS, especially because they remove setup fee (until 31.05), also check personal range dedi. servers from (20 setup fee) if hardware and disk space is more important than speed and limited traffic (20TB) is not a problem you also can check at hetzner auction, they have pretty strong servers (i7 3770, 16GB DDR3, 6TB HDD) for sometimes less than 25 (VAT free countries), and there is a lot of other smaller resellers which have dedi. servers for 25 but I don't have experiences with them so I can not tell you, but my advice is to stick with OVH network (kimsufi, SYS).


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            You can check managed Plex VPS with dedicated ip from evoseedbox its within your budget but traffic is not unlimited.


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              I use
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